Build a custom PS5 controller for all your gaming needs with MegaModz

MegaModz has all your custom controller needs covered.

Megamodz PS5
Image via MegaModz

Written in partnership with MegaModz.

Console gaming has long lacked the same level of customization and ease of use options that PC peripherals can bring. MegaModz is here to bridge that gap with custom-made console controllers.

MegaModz has all kinds of options to help you express your individuality and give you a competitive edge if it’s what you’re after. The company’s fully customizable PS5 controller creator allows you to choose every single thing that goes into making the perfect peripheral for you.

Fulfill your competitive and QOL needs

Right off the bat, you’ll see that MegaModz provides upgrade options for the controller’s back buttons, shoulder buttons, and face buttons. The back buttons can be upgraded with multiple packages. Straight remap can mimic stock controller buttons and is esports approved. Features like turbo, auto double tap, and continuous press can be accessed with advanced back buttons and macro remap packages. The shoulder and face buttons can be upgraded to mechanical variants with faster input and response time, a crucial feature to get maximum effectiveness in competitive games and esports where every millisecond matters.

MegaModz also has 14 mods to choose from. These mods all do various things that will help you greatly with more difficult controls in FPS games. Some examples include auto-healing and quick armor repair, auto spotting and pinging enemies on radar, jump shot and quick scope macros, auto sprinting, and even zombie assistance for CoD Zombies. Keep in mind that some of these mods are more for casual use and are not allowed in various esports.

Customize your look

Every single aspect of these PS5 controllers is customizable. Anything you want to change the color of, you can. There are solid colors, custom designs, and special hydro dipped and chrome bodies available. The feel of the back of the controller can also be changed from original to rubberized or soft touch to help you game as comfortably as possible.

The trim, touchpad, face buttons, and shoulder buttons all have a bevy of colors to choose from. They range from standard and exotic colors to aluminum and even transparent options. The thumbsticks can also be changed from their standard colors with extra two-tone options.

Lastly, you can add extra accessories for convenience. There are thumb grips made of top-quality rubber that come in sets of four to keep your aim precise, as well as an optional USB-C charging cable. MegaModz custom controllers come with a free 90-day warranty, but you can extend it to a full year at purchase.

PS4 controllers also available

Additionally, MegaModz offers a similarly extensive build-your-own system for PS4 controllers. It has all the same customization options as the PS5 builder and all the same mods. This one also has fully remappable back buttons and trigger locks to control travel distance for as much of a fully programmable experience as possible.

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself this holiday season or give a gift to the gamer in your life, MegaModz custom controllers are a fantastic way to express yourself and gain a precise gaming edge.