Brazilian Call of Duty: Mobile player admits to murdering female player

The murder has sent shockwaves through the community.

Image via Activision

Brazilian Call of Duty: Mobile player Ingrid “Sol” Oliveira Bueno da Silva was stabbed to death and found in the home of another player, Guilherme “Flashlight” Alves Costa, who admitted to murdering Oliveira Bueno da Silva shortly after being detained.

According to ESPN Brazil, Oliveira Bueno da Silva’s body was found on Feb. 23 in Pirituba, a neighborhood north of São Paulo. Alves Costa surrendered to the police and confessed, although he also claimed his “sanity is completely fit” and that he wanted to commit the murder. 

Oliveira Bueno da Silva and Alves Costa met online, and Alves Costa reportedly planned the murder in a small notebook seized by the police. He allegedly sent images of Oliveira Bueno da Silva’s body in group messages on WhatsApp after committing the murder. A statement from the Gamers Elite Clan said Alves Costa recorded the murder and shared it with the group. 

Oliveira Bueno da Silva had just started her career in Call of Duty: Mobile. Several players said they will remember her as an “extraordinary person.” 

Data collected by the IPEA’s Atlas of Violence 2020 shows that a woman was murdered in Brazil every two hours in 2018. This trend of femicide and violence aimed at women has led to the creation of organizations and projects to provide a welcoming environment for women.

Oliveira Bueno da Silva participated in events hosted by the Battle Girls organization, championships for players unable to enter other events. The organization also created the Support BG project, which is designed to create a safe space for women in esports. 

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