Brax’s streaming setup: Mouse, headset, keyboard, and more

Here's everything Brax uses in his setup.

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Braxton “Brax” Pierce, previously known as swag, was climbing the competitive ladder of CS:GO until he got banned from all Valve tournaments due to his involvement in the North American match-fixing scandal.

Regardless of the ban, he kept on playing and attending small-time tournaments, alongside streaming on Twitch. Though Brax was unbanned by some major tournament organizers like ESL and DreamHack around 2017, it didn’t keep him from moving on to Riot Games’ new project VALORANT.

After announcing the move and his intentions of going pro, Brax signed with T1 as a content creator. Nowadays, he’s one of the most-watched VALORANT streamers and we’ve taken a look at his gaming/streaming setup.

Mouse: Logitech G703 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Image via Logitech

A mouse with a low response rate is a must-have in competitive games since it allows you to react faster and capitalize on your enemies’ mistakes. Wireless options have been on the sidelines for a while because they were behind their wired rivals in terms of specs. But that has changed dramatically over the last decade.

Brax uses Logitech’s G703 Wireless, which is considered one of the most comfortable wireless mice in the market. Apart from being comfy, the mouse features an advanced optical sensor that can go up to 12,000 DPI. Combined with its one-millisecond response time and 400 IPS tracking speed, the G703 is a great choice for any gamer who would like to free themselves from wires while having a cabled-like experience.

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Mouse pad: Corsair MM350 Gaming Mouse Pad

Image via Corsair

A quality mouse pad to go with your gaming mouse is almost a must. It lets the mouse glide better while reducing any wear down that may occur on the skates.

Brax uses Corsair’s MM350 gaming mouse pad which is quite larger than any average mats in the market. Most professional first-person-shooter gamers prefer keeping their DPIs at a low level to aim more accurately. A bigger mouse pad allows him to move his mouse on a larger area while keeping his DPI/sensitivity. 

Buying a large mouse pad can also be beneficial for high DPI users since you can cut it in half and use the other part once yours starts wearing down.

Keyboard: Logitech G513 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Image via Logitech

Mechanical keyboards are one of the most important instruments of any competitive gamer. Their lower-than-average keyboards response times enable your fast reflexes and allow you to be one step ahead of your enemies.

Brax uses Logitech’s G513 mechanical gaming keyboard. It features three different switches: GX Blue, Red, and Brown. The keyboard also comes with a wrist rest that should help in keeping your hands in better shape. Though it doesn’t have dedicated macro keys, the function can be fully customized with Logitech’s software.

Its one small drawback is that the keyboard’s onboard memory only stores your RGB settings, so creating a Logitech account to save your macros and keybinds is heavily recommended.

Headset: HyperX Cloud 2 Gaming Headset

Image via HyperX

A good headset is especially important in FPS games since hearing footsteps is the key to navigate around the map. 

Brax uses HyperX’s Cloud 2 gaming headset and it is one of the most-used earpieces among competitive players due to its comfortable design and sound quality. The headset comes with its own USB sound card/control box which allows you to have the same high-level audio quality wherever you go. 

Its high-quality microphone is more than enough for in-game communications and it can also be removed to use the headset outside.

Monitor: BenQ XL2430 Gaming Monitor

Image via BenQ

Gaming monitors offer high refresh rates and low response times. These essentially allow you to see faster than your opponents and react before they do anything.

Brax uses BenQ’s XL2430 gaming monitor, which is one of the more popular gaming monitors in the market. The 24-inch monitor has a 144 Hz refresh rate and a one-millisecond response time. Combined with its vibrant colors and black equalizer, it’s a great monitor for both gaming and watching content.

Remember that buying a high refresh rate monitor without the hardware to support it with enough frames-per-second may leave you disappointed since you need to match the refresh rate.

Graphics card: NVIDIA RTX 2080 TI Graphics Card

Image via NVIDIA

Graphics cards are an important part of every gaming setup whether you are aiming for the highest fps rate possible or the best graphics.

Brax uses NVIDIA’s RTX 2080 TI, which is the best graphics card from NVIDIA’s Turing lineup. A powerful GPU like 2080 TI allows Brax to match his monitor’s refresh rate in fps and keep his game smooth even in the most intensive situations.

Though the 2080 TI can be considered overkill for the average gamer, it’s still a future proof choice since the best GPUs in each of NVIDIA’s lineups keep challenging the ones that come after them.

CPU: Intel Core i7-9900K Processor

Image via Intel

CPUs are as crucial as graphics cards when it comes to gaming and assuring that your PC responds in the fastest way possible.

Brax uses Intel’s ninth generation i7-9900k processor. With its base frequency of 3.60 GHz, the processor may be overqualified for most competitive games since they aren’t really CPU intensive. A powerful processor like this essentially allows Brax to keep playing smoothly while running all necessary programs needed for streaming in the background.

Even if you aren’t a streamer and close everything in the background while gaming, a strong CPU like this is definitely going to be a future-proof choice.

Capture Card: Elgato HD60 Pro

Image via Elgato

Capture cards are the key to stream with two PCs. A two-PC setup allows gamers to free up their computers’ resources for the game they’re playing. The capture card records the gameplay on the gaming PC and transfers it over to the streaming PC.

Brax uses Elgato’s HD60 Pro, which is the improved version of the all-time favorite HD60 S. The capture card allows Brax to have the highest fps all the time and prevents any performance that may occur from streaming.

Though capture cards sound quite good, they’re essentially useless in a single PC streaming setup since they need a receiver to feed your gameplay.

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