Blizzard nerfs Painsmith Raznal, tunes down dungeons in latest World of Warcraft patch

Painsmith is getting a dose of his own medicine.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment has nerfed Sanctum of Domination’s Painsmith Raznal encounter almost a month after European World of Warcraft guild Echo first downed the Mythic boss

Arguably one of the most difficult bosses in Shadowlands, Painsmith Raznal has been a roadblock for some guilds, requiring a higher level of coordination than expected at that stage of the raid.

A gap will now appear in every row of spikes during stage two of the encounter on Mythic difficulty. The health of Painsmith Raznal, Spiked Balls, and Shadowsteel Horrors have also been reduced by 10 percent. 

These changes will take effect during the game’s scheduled weekly maintenance on Tuesday, Aug. 10 for players in North America and Wednesday, Aug. 11 for players in Europe. 

It took Echo 106 attempts to kill the boss, considerably more than the bosses that came before it. The guild also race-changed to Goblin to avoid a mechanic with Rocket Jump. North American counterpart Complexity-Limit took over 170 attempts to down the boss.

In comparison, the world-first for Sylvanas Windrunner came after 169 attempts for Echo, which after less than a week of raiding, turned out to be one of the fastest final bosses in years.

Sanctum of Domination

Painsmith Raznal

  • A gap now appears in every row of spikes during stage two on Mythic difficulty
  • Health of Painsmith Raznal, Spiked Balls, and Shadowsteel Horrows reduced by 10 percent on Mythic difficulty


De Other Side

  • Enraged Spirit’s Rage duration reduced to five seconds (was six seconds)

Halls of Atonement

  • The completion timer has been increased to 32 minutes (was 31 minutes)
  • Echelon
  • Stone Shattering Leap damage reduced by 15 percent in Mythic and Mythic+ difficulties

Mists of Tirna Scithe

  • Ingra Maloch
  • The duration of Droman’s Wrath has been increased to 15 seconds (was 12 seconds)


  • Plaguebelchers summoned Slimy Morsels have had their health reduced by 50 percent
  • Globgrog
  • Slimy Morsel health reduced by 30 percent

Sanguine Depths

  • Gluttonous Tick should now lose any stacks of Engorge when they leave combat
  • Kryxis the Voracious
  • Juggernaut Rush damage reduced by 20 percent

The Necrotic Wake

  • Suregeon Stitchflesh
  • Health reduced by 10 percent

Theater of Pain

  • Affront of Challengers
  • Satchel the Accursed’s One With Death now absorbs 20 percent of their maximum health (was 30 percent)
  • Dessia the Decapitator’s Slam damage reduced by 40 percent