Blizzard launches World of Warcraft Community Council to lessen barriers between players and devs

At least 100 players will be invited to join the council.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment introduced the World of Warcraft Community Council today to add another venue for communication between players and developers.

The goal of the council, according to a post by Blizzard, is to gather more detailed feedback on all facets of the game. 

“The World of Warcraft community is second to none with the passion, love, and excitement you all show to the game,” Blizzard said. “Player feedback impacts all aspects of the game, and with such a wide range of opinions, playstyles, and interests out there, gathering and understanding feedback is more important than ever.”

Submissions to the council will be available for any player interested in contributing. The application process will involve sharing areas of interest and experience, whether it’s raiding, playing alts, completing achievements, or collecting transmog. 

Once players are selected for the program, they’ll be given the ability to post in a new discussion forum that will be publicly visible to everyone.

In this forum, the council will be asked to share their “experiences” and “perspectives” on anything related to the game. Some discussions and topics will be started by Blizzard devs and community managers.

“We really want to zero in on the most nuanced player comments and have conversations with you about specific issues,” Blizzard said.

A private discussion between council members and devs will be set up to encourage “direct interaction” between the two parties. And separate conversations between smaller groups of the council and devs will be encouraged to “ensure players with differing perspectives are being heard.” 

At least 100 players will be invited to join the council.

Blizzard plans to “unflag” council members one year into the program and open up the application process again to encourage a new set of players to step forward.