Bigetron RA qualify for PUBG Mobile World League after winning PMPL Indonesia

Three teams have qualified for the PMPL SEA Finals as well.

Image via Tencent

Bigetron RA won the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Indonesia Spring Split finals today. The tournament, which took place from April 3 to 5, was initially supposed to be a LAN event but was moved to an online format due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bigetron RA, the champions of the PMCO Fall Split Global Finals 2019, put up a dominant performance in the PMPL to get the mammoth’s share of the $146,000 prize pool and secure a slot at the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) East region.

Sixteen teams from Indonesia played 17 matches played across all four maps of PUBG Mobile, Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, and Sanhok, to decide the final rankings. The top three teams have qualified for the PMPL Southeast Asia Spring split finals.

The overall standings are as follows:

  • First: Bigetron RA (PMWL East and PMPL SEA Finals)
  • Second: Morph Team (PMPL SEA Finals)
  • Third: Onic Esports (PMPL SEA Finals)
  • Fourth: The Pillars SLAYER
  • Fifth: Aura Esports
  • Sixth: BONAFIDE
  • Seventh: Red Rocket Cosmic
  • Eighth: RRQ RYU
  • Ninth: Louvre Esports
  • Tenth: Aerowolf LIMAX
  • 11th: Alter Ego
  • 12th: BOOM Esports
  • 13th: Victim Sovers
  • 14th: NFT Esports
  • 15th: Dranix Avenger
  • 16th: Geek Fam

The PMPL SEA Finals are scheduled to be held later this month in Vietnam. The coronavirus pandemic may cause changes to the schedule, though.