Best tech gifts for her

The best gifts in today's tech market for the best woman in your life.

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An anniversary, a birthday, a special time to celebrate, or maybe there’s no reason to gift at all. Whatever the case may be at this point in time, you’re looking for a tech gift for her and need advice. We’ve got you covered. The following items are the most creative and useful tech gifts on the market for any occasion. Happy gifting.

BlissLights Sky Lite

Image via BlissLights
For those interested in creating a romantic mood, BlissLights’ Sky Lite is an attractive option that doesn’t break the bank but continues to provide whatever aura you want long after its purchase. It is, indeed, a gift that keeps on giving.

Whether to spice up a living room, liven up a game room, softly light a home theater, or make a bedroom more relaxing, this Sky Lite can function in a multitude of versatile ways that not only create an excellent tone but show her that improving your living spaces is among your priorities.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Image via New Ember

If she drinks coffee or tea regularly, you’ll be a lifesaver with the Ember Smart Mug. This cup features a 1.5-hour battery life that keeps drinks at their desired temperature on the go. Or, keep drinks hot indefinitely with the plug-in coaster that both charges the mug and provides temperature control.

This tech gift is likely to appeal to the professionals and freelancers who need their coffee before a day’s hard work and makes a thoughtful present for any occasion. The mug holds up to 9.9 ounces of liquid and weighs just under 300 grams.

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

Image via Rocketbook
Rocketbook’s Smart Notebook represents the kind of gift given by someone on top of the tech market and may very well be the future of handwritten jots and journals. It takes about 10 seconds for ink to dry on the synthetic materials that make up this notebook’s 32 pages. After the ink is dry, you can wipe it away with the included microfiber cloth and a drop of water.

Aside from the ingenious design, Rocketbook also includes its IOS and Android application that allows for seamless scanning of every page in the notebook to save all pages to a cloud storage service. This effectively gives the user the traditional pen and paper experience for writing and saving notes while making the experience sustainable. This tech gift is for the organized woman.

Perytong Wireless Headphones Headband

Image via Perytong
If the woman in your life is constantly weightlifting, running, or simply using their headphones throughout the day, Perytong’s Wireless Headphones Headband is a clear choice for a tech gift for whatever occasion might be approaching.

This headband is perfect for listening to music without cords while on a run, during intense weightlifting where headphones often fall out of place, while working with a PC or laptop, or for simply relaxing to some music during downtime.

The ultra-thin headphones and mesh material make this headband not only comfortable but one that stays in place throughout any chosen activity. In addition, they make great head-wear to put over your eyes while falling asleep to relaxing videos or tunes.

All-new Kindle Paperwhite

Image via Amazon
Where bookworms are concerned, the Kindle Paperwhite is an unparalleled piece of hardware for readers who want the convenience of a tablet that can carry millions of pieces of literature in the size of one small notebook.

The Kindle Paperwhite has a 6.8-inch display, a well-designed anti-glare screen, and is water-resistant to save readers from those bathtub and beach incidents that would otherwise kill a piece of hardware. To top off the innovation, this Paperwhite also comes with a battery life of 10 weeks.

Wacaco Minipresso GR, Portable Espresso Machine

Image via Wacaco
An earlier tech gift on the list caters to the coffee and tea drinkers on the go from the office to the home. But those who brew adventurously and want a more convenient option than lugging a $300 coffee machine to the campsite can also find relief.

Wacaco’s Minipresso GR is a portable espresso machine that requires no batteries, no recharging, and no power at all. Simply add your choice of coffee beans or ground coffee, boiling water, and apply a few pumps to extract delicious espresso anywhere you see fit. The Minipresso GR is great for the hiker, runner, or caffeine fanatic who finds themselves on the move.

TORRAS MoonClimber

Image via TORRAS
Sometimes, the simplest gifts can have the greatest effect. And if your partner spends a lot of time photographing or recording footage with an iPhone, the best tech gift may very well be a high-quality case. The TORRAS MoonClimber features a clear design, anti-yellowing tech, and anti-slip protection.

This nifty case features a kickstand for ease of self-recording and selfies, to boot. A simple gift to help enable that flashy behavior for the iPhone star in your life.

Getting the right tech gift for the woman in your life isn’t always an easy task, but there’s always help abound. Even the smallest of gifts can have the biggest impact, and this list has enough variety to satisfy a beneficiary of any kind. Look at their hobbies and passions, and the list will point you in the right direction.

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