Best support champions in League of Legends: Wild Rift

These are the best support picks in Wild Rift right now.

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League of Legends’ new mobile experience Wild Rift has finally released to more regions around the globe, and thousands of new players have gotten their first chance to try out the game.

While Wild Rift is remarkably like League, there are differences that directly influence the strength of champions in the game.

A lot of the general functions have remained the same, however, the smaller Rift has forced change for a variety of champions. In some cases, their abilities have been altered completely.

Currently, the support role is as important as any, and in Wild Rift, simply being support does not mean you cannot carry an entire game. Many of the support choices in Wild Rift also boast incredible damage.

Here are a few of the best support picks in Wild Rift.

Best support champions in Wild Rift


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By far the most powerful support in the game, Blitzcrank’s port over to Wild Rift has seen the champion become a powerhouse unmatched by many. Given the smaller Rift, Blitzcrank’s pull can quickly secure kills early in lane and give his team a strong start. Additionally, his tanking ability is exceptional and when built correctly can be the defining factor between winning and losing teamfights. While you still need the ability to connect with your pull, for the most part, playing Blitzcrank is easy and the perfect support champion for a player of any level.


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Wild Rift’s most recently created champion Seraphine is one of the strongest support picks currently in the game. Boasting a slew of spells with crowd control potential, Seraphine is perfect to set up takedowns or hold the enemy back while she and her team make a quick escape. Much like Blitzcrank, the value in using Seraphine as support is not solely in her zoning abilities, but also the damage output she can create. With the right build, Seraphine can easily duel with many of the champions currently in Wild Rift. If you are after a mage-based support, Seraphine is your best pick.


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With the introduction of Patch 1.1, tank champions received a buff to make them more viable in ranked play. Along with this buff, champions like Alistar and Blitzcrank became even better support choices.

Having a tankier support can allow the team to secure early takedowns and gain a leg-up on the enemy team. Alistar’s kit is perfect to facilitate this. Boasting a dash knock-up, a knockback, and a heal, it’s no surprise that Alistar excels when zoning enemies. Teamfights are the perfect situation for this champion, but he is equally as effective in the lane. If Blitzcrank is taken, Alistar is the perfect substitute to counter with.


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Much like Seraphine, Sona is a mage-based support with a variety of abilities to assist her team and stifle opponents. The sustain that Sona can provide to her lane ally will allow them to remain in the lane and heal off damage taken during any exchange while opponents may be forced to back.

With the increased pace of Wild Rift In comparison to League, small advantages such as this extra lane time have drastic impacts on the overall game. When built for damage Sona also excels being capable of dueling against other champions well. But this is likely not a champion you want to be playing in other roles than mid, simply due to her skillset being tailored for that purpose.


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Identical to his League counterpart, Wild Rift’s Braum is a great support who offers buffs to allies and some impressive durability. While he may not have the engage potential of Blitzcrank or Alistar, Braum’s skillset is perfect for reducing the damage output against his ADC. With his variety of abilities, teams will be able to back up their opponents coming out on top in early level dueling situations. If you are after a less aggressive playstyle while using a tank champion, Braum is your guy.


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Typically played as a mid-lane champion, Annie is one of the more effective support choices to pair with an aggressive ADC or in a kill lane. As far as her skillset, her stun, and shield are likely the only support aspects. But once the stun connects, it’s usually game over for the target. Annie is perfect when partnered with another high-damage ranged champion such as Jinx. Together, the champions can easily push their opponents out of farm and take control of the lane. While not your typical support choice, Annie is still a viable support.


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Similarly to Annie, Lux gets played in the mid lane often. But in this case, Lux is kitted out with support skills. Boasting both a shield and a stun, the champion can easily set up takedowns while providing some damage reduction for herself to engage. Even when played support, Lux is a damage powerhouse, boasting impressive range and power behind her abilities. With her skills, it isn’t necessary to play an aggressive laning phase. She can easily sit back and pick apart the enemy, choosing the opportunity to strike.


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A champion focused on healing, Soraka can be extremely powerful. Her kit allows her to root enemies setting up takedowns for her allies as well as providing some effective early game poking with Starcall. But the champion’s biggest flaw is her lack of health. Later in the game, this becomes less of an issue, however. When playing Soraka it is important to have a careful early game as to not be shut out of the lane. Once she has an adequate build, Soraka is the perfect ally for all dueling situations, boasting a global heal that can be cast from anywhere around the map. One of the best support champions, Soraka is a great choice both in League and in Wild Rift.