Best Standing Desk Mats

Soothe you soles.

Topo Standing Desk Mat
Image: Topo

Many people turn to standing desks and standing desk converters to improve their health and posture. Standing increases your body’s metabolism and allows you to stretch while working to decrease the chances of repetitive strain injuries (RSIs).

One of the factors many people overlook when standing and working is the effect on their feet from hard surfaces. Standing on hard surfaces can put unnecessary strain on your feet, ankles, and knees and lead to greater discomfort.

Standing desk mats are specifically designed to provide cushioning and support for people who spend hours on their feet. The mats are made with soft materials, and some have ergonomic shapes to massage the feet and increase blood flow.

Best overall standing desk mat

CubeFit TerraMat 

Image: Cubefit

CubeFit’s TerraMat is one of the best standing desk mats available today because it has a soft surface and includes features to massage the feet and stretch your calves. Measuring 30 by 27 inches (76 by 68 centimeters), it’s also big enough for most users to stand comfortably while being small enough to fit under a desk.

Compared to most other standing desk mats, the TerraMat includes massage mounds, a balance bar, support tracks, and pressure peaks. The company says it allows users to stand in 11 different positions for users to massage their arches and soles, stretch their inner and outer calves, or just stand on a flat surface if they feel like it.

For an expensive standing desk mat, it’s a bit disappointing that the TerraMat doesn’t have much grip at the bottom, and it can slide on tiles and other surfaces. It still justifies its $99.99 price tag by including more comfort features than any of its rivals and having a lifetime warranty.

Best runner-up standing desk mat

Topo Comfort Mat 

Image: Topo

The Topo Comfort Mat comes in at a similar price to the TerraMat but has a more discrete design. It works on the same principle and includes similar features to improve circulation and relieve fatigue. There are no massage mounds, but it includes a front rail, a calf raise shelf, a backrest, and a neutral area to stand normally.

Instead of coming in one size and color like the TerraMat, the Comfort Mat is available in the Mini and Original options with four colors to choose from: Obsidian Black, Altostratus Grey, Denim Blue, and Mulberry Purple. Buyers with space constraints can pick the 25.2 by 12.2 inch (64 by 31 centimeters) Mini version, although most people will probably get the Original at 29 by 26.25 inches (73 by 67 centimeters).

The Comfort Mat matches the TerraMat’s $99 price tag and includes many similar features. It doesn’t have massage mounds, but it makes up for it with multiple size and color options.

Best stress reduction standing desk mat

Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Office Mat

Image: Sky Solutions

Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Office Mat is the only standing desk mat with a built-in massaging roller ball. It sits in the center of the mat, and users can massage the soles and relax their feet by moving them around the rollerball. Apart from the rollerball, the Sky Solutions mat also has massage points and raised surfaces on the front and back for users to stretch their calves.

Unlike the Comfort Mat, there’s only a single color and size option available. The Sky Solutions mat comes in black only with a size of 26 by 24.25 inches ( 66 by 61 centimeters). It also has a non-slip base to work on most surfaces without sliding around.

While the Sky Solutions mat only comes in a single size and color, it’s more affordable than the alternatives mentioned so far at $79.97. Its only drawback is that the massage ball is only effective if the user is barefoot or wearing socks, which might not be appropriate in work environments.

StrongTek Anti-Fatigue Balance Board


StrongTek’s Anti-Fatigue Balance Board is a different take on the standing desk mat and has a curved bottom. The 8.5-degree curved bottom means that users must actively balance on it by stabilizing their muscles and it keeps their legs and core active. Apart from its shape, the StrongTek Balance Board includes massage points on both sides to relieve foot pain and increase the board’s grip.

The StrongTek balance board features a non-slip rubber base to work on most types of flooring, while the surface is made from soft latex to provide some impact resistance. It also has a massive 400 pound (181 kg) weight limit to easily accommodate most users.

Its shape may be different from the other standing desk mats on this list, but the StrongTek balance board still achieves the same goal of providing relief for users. Its massage functions don’t compare, but it enables users to keep their muscles active. At $64.99, it’s also more affordable and is a viable option for people wanting something different.

Best options standing desk mat

Gorilla Grip Anti Fatigue Cushioned Comfort Mat

Image: Gorilla Grip

The Gorilla Grip Anti Fatigue Cushioned Comfort Mat is a more basic and affordable option than the others mentioned, but it also has the most color options. Where it stands out is its whopping 19 color options, including Black, Mint, and Dusty Rose, and mixed options like Gray/White and Brown/Beige.

There are no massage features on the Gorilla Grip Comfort Mat, and it only has a soft, flat surface to rest your feet. It’s made from 0.75-inch (two-centimeter) thick foam covered with a stain-resistant surface that’s easy to clean. Of the seven available sizes, the 24 by 17-inch (61 by 43 centimeter) version is the most affordable and practical for everyday use.

Despite its limited features, the Gorilla Grip Comfort Mat is a worthwhile choice and offers enough padding to make standing the whole day more comfortable. Its $29.99 price tag is far lower than its rivals and makes it accessible to most buyers.

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