Best softbox lighting kits for streaming

These kits will help upgrade your lighting set up.

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Whether you’re a streamer looking to improve the quality of your facecam or a YouTuber looking to produce high quality videos, lighting is essential to the production quality of the final product. It doesn’t matter if you have a nice camera or a nice PC, if you can’t properly light your video.

Soft boxes are one of the best lighting modifiers which can help soften light and reduce hard shadows on your face. If you have the room to set up a good set of softboxes, they can produce some truly spectacular results.

Most softboxes, lamps, and kits are sold separately, but some companies have put together some kits available at various sites around the internet that come with everything you need to have a nice softbox light set up in a single package.

Here are some of the best softbox lighting kits.

Interfit F5 Two-Head Fluorescent Lighting Kit

Image via Interfit

The Interfit F5 Two-Head Fluorescent Lighting kit offers you two softboxes, two lamp heads, 10 daylight fluorescent light bulbs, and two stands to go with them. 

Each lamp head features five lightbulb fixtures with three brightness switches on the back. The first switch turns on two of your lamp heads, the second switch turns on another two, while the final switch will turn on the center bulb for a five-bulb setup. This means you have four levels of brightness to select from in total, which is a decent amount of control. When all the lights are on, each of these lamps can produce the equivalent of a 400w bulb, but without any of the dangers that come with traditional hot lights. These are the brightest lamps on the list, so if brightness is your goal, this might be the right kit for you.

The softboxes themselves measure 20 by 27.5 inches across, which is a pretty standard size for lighting most at home video sets or green screens. Although all the boxes on this list can be frustrating to set up initially, once you put them together they do their job well. The kit includes two air-cushioned light stands which are 7.5 feet tall and can support about eight pounds each. As with any of the lighting kits on this list, consider purchasing some sandbags to weigh down the base of the light stand so it doesn’t tip over.

Fovitec 3-Point Classic Fluorescent Lighting Kit

Image via Fovitec

For those who are looking for the full three-point lighting experience, the Fovitec 3-point Classic Fluorescent Lighting kit may be a great option for you. This kit includes two five-socket light fixtures, one single socket light fixture, eleven 45w 5500k fluorescent bulbs, three softboxes, and three stands. This kit also comes with a carrying case and a boom arm.

The five-socket lighting fixtures operate similarly to the other fixtures already mentioned on this list. There are three brightness switches on the back, two of which control two bulbs each and the last of which controls the fifth middle bulb. The two large fixtures can produce 225w of light each, while the single fixture can produce 45w of light. The softboxes measure 20 by 28 inches across, and the light stands are all 7.5 feet tall. 

The biggest selling point for this kit is that it comes with three lights, and that you can suspend one of those lights above your subject using the included boom arm. This allows you to set up a hair light or a rim light, which can drastically improve the quality of lighting in a scene.

Raya Octa Fluorescent 7-Socket Fixture 2-Light Softbox Kit

Image via Raya

Switching things up a bit, the next kit on our list is the Raya Octa Fluorescent 7-Socket Fixture 2-Light Softbox Kit. This exceptional kit comes with two seven-socket lighting fixtures, two softboxes, 14 27w light bulbs, and two air-cushioned light stands. 

The seven-socket base features a combined wattage of 350W when the included lightbulbs are used. There are two switches on the back for this one, allowing you to use either three or four of the lamps at a time, or of course you can turn on all seven by activating both switches. Due to the number of lightbulbs, the light that comes out of this softbox kit is very soft and even.

This kit features two 32-inch octagonal softboxes. This is an optimal shape for softboxes because it more evenly distributes the light, which is ultimately the goal of using softboxes in the first place. The other upside of these boxes is that they are slightly easier to set up than the rectangular boxes, since the octagonal shape is a more forgiving shape to work with when you are inserting the support rods.

These lights come with two 9.5-foot heavy duty stands which can hold up to 22 pounds each. These stands are much sturdier than some of the 7.5-foot stands mentioned earlier and provide peace of mind that your lights won’t fall over, even with the heavier softboxes attached to them.

Impact Octacool-9 Fluorescent 1-Light Kit with Octabox

Image via Impact

For those looking to purchase a single excellent softbox lighting kit, look no further than the Octacool-9 Fluorescent 1-Light Kit put together by the folks over at Impact. This kit includes a lighting fixture containing nine 27-32W Edison base lamps slots, nine 27W bulbs, a 9.5-foot air-cushioned light stand, and a 30-inch Impact Octabox softbox with a removable baffle. 

Whether you are using this as a single light source, combining it with other daylight balanced lights, or using a reflector to bounce in combination with this light, this awesome softbox and lamp produce a bright, diffused light that will soften shadows and evenly light your space. Combined with the heavy duty stand, this kit contains only high quality elements and should last you for many years to come.

The biggest drawback to this light is managing all nine bulbs when you have to tear it down. If you have more than one of these lights, it can get frustrating having to carefully wrap each bulb for transit. If you can set this light up and leave it together though, it produces some fantastic results.

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