Best Samsung gaming phones

Get the fastest mobile gaming experience with these Samsung phones.

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When it comes to mobile gaming, there are a lot of companies competing for your business. An often overlooked player in the gaming phone market is Samsung, which released several phones uniquely suited for gaming over the past couple of years.

Samsung has been a big player in the smartphone market since the release of the Samsung GT-17500 Galaxy smartphone back in 2009. Samsung followed the GT-17500 Galaxy with the Samsung Galaxy S, a state of the art smartphone that kicked off Samsung’s flagship Galaxy line. The Galaxy line continues to see massive popularity today with each release. Today, the Samsung line hosts several top tier phones, many of which are excellent gaming phones.

The implementation of 5G connections has been one of the biggest advancements in gaming phone technology. 5G connections are powerful enough to stream cloud gaming services to your phone and improve your phone’s connection for online multiplayer games. If you are looking to buy a cutting edge gaming phone, 5G is an essential feature.

The latest versions of the Samsung Galaxy S phones and Galaxy Note phones feature 5G by default. If you are looking for a Samsung gaming phone with 5G that won’t break the bank, you can even get the 2019 version of the Galaxy S10 5G, one of the earliest phones to adopt the emerging 5G connection type.

Here are the best Samsung phones for gaming.

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G: Change the Way You Experience the  World - Samsung US Newsroom
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The latest flagship phone from Samsung is the 5G enabled S20 series. Released in 2020, the S20 5G is equipped to handle all the latest games at the highest internet speeds available. It features the latest updates in smartphone technology, including a top-tier processor, top-tier battery life, and an improved display for the best possible mobile gaming experience.

The Galaxy S20 5G features a 6.2-inch screen on the standard model and a 6.9-inch display on the Ultra model.  Both displays come with Quad HD+ Dynamic OLED displays measuring 3200x1440p, making these phones’ screens higher resolution than many gaming monitors. The biggest advantage of the 2020 Samsung displays is that they support a full 120Hz refresh rate. That high refresh rate is a welcome addition for gamers looking to up their mobile gaming experience to the highest possible degree.

Another place where the S20 series of phone shines is in its battery life. The standard S20 features a massive 4,000 mAh battery for extended use and playtime. The Galaxy S20 Ultra features an even more impressive 5,000 mAh battery. With battery power like that, the S20 series of phones should run games at 120Hz on a 5G network without sacrificing battery longevity. Like the older models of the Samsung Galaxy, this phone supports fast charging and Fast Charge 2.0, which is an added convenience.

On the processor front, the S20 phone features a 64-bit Octa-Core processor that clocks in around 2.8GHz Maximum Clock Speed. The standard s20 model comes with 8 GB of RAM, which is good but not great. The Ultra version comes in a 12 GB of RAM and 16 GB of RAM version, making the Ultra version of the S20 the clearly superior gaming option.

Network connectivity wise, the biggest draw of the latest Samsung S20 line is its 5G connectivity. Although there was a 5G-enabled model of the S10, 5G is now a standard feature on Samsung phones and is expected on all its phones moving forward.

An extra reason to buy the S20 for gamers is the phone’s compatibility with the Xbox Game Pass. The Game Pass gives you access to over a hundred Xbox games on your Samsung device over the cloud. Samsung phones are also compatible with the MOGA Xbox style controller, specifically built for mobile gaming. Using Wi-Fi or 5G, you can play games like Destiny 2 and Forza Horizon 2 directly on your phone without installing memory-intensive games onto your device.

Samsung’s 2020 flagship S20 series are some of the best gaming phones ever created. Whether you are picking up the stock version of the S20 or an upgraded Ultra version, rest assured that you are purchasing a more than capable gaming phone that is fully featured with a high power processer, high refresh rate screen, and hefty battery.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Samsung Electronics Galaxy Note 20 5G Factory Unlocked Android  Cell Phone, US Version, 128GB of Storage, Mobile Gaming Smartphone,  Long-Lasting Battery, Mystic Bronze, SM-N981UZNAXAA
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The Samsung Galaxy Note is Samsung’s most premium phone line. The Galaxy Note brings all the power and features of Samsung’s latest Galaxy S 20 series while adding extra features like a larger display and the S-pen.

The Galaxy Note20 comes in the standard and Ultra version. The Standard version has a 6.7-inch display, while the Ultra version measures 6.9 inches. If you are a gamer, you will want to buy the Ultra version due to its 120Hz refresh rate and 1440p screen. The standard version only comes with a 60Hz display, which is usable but not the best for gaming. 

The Note20 Ultra features a 4,500 mAh battery that lets you run the larger screen and more powerful processor all day without needing to charge. Like the other modern Samsung phones, this phone supports fast wireless charging as well. As a bonus, you can use the Samsung Note to charge your Galaxy Bud headphones and other Galaxy devices using Samsung’s wireless power share technology.

The Galaxy Note20 series comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus processor. This powerful processor is backed by 12 GB of RAM. The standard Note20 features a Mali-G77 MP11 Snapdragon for its GPU, while the Note20 Ultra comes with the more powerful Adreno 650 GPU. Both GPU’s are more than capable of running graphically intense games.

The Note20 is enabled with a 5G connection type, just like the Galaxy S20, so that you can game on the go with the fastest in-class mobile internet connection. This phone is also compatible with the Xbox Game Pass.

Samsung’s Note20 Ultra has a hefty price, but if you are serious about getting the best Samsung gaming phone, this is it.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

Samsung - Galaxy S10 5G Enabled (Verizon)
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The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is the 2019 flagship phone from Samsung and is specifically set up for 5G connectivity. All of the features in the S10 make it a solid phone to play games on. The S10 5G has even beaten some 2021 releases, and it’s several years old now.

The Galaxy S10, along with the other Galaxy S series phones from 2020, features a powerful 64-bit Octa-Core processor with 2.73 GHz maximum clock speed. The S10 features 8 GB of RAM in both the 128 GB and 512 GB versions of the phone. Between the processor and RAM, you shouldn’t have any issues running mobile titles on the S10, though games won’t run as well as they do on the newer Samsung phones.

The Galaxy S10 5G model comes with a 6.7-inch Quad HD+ OLED display. The display is 3040x1440p, which is a higher resolution than most full-sized gaming monitors. The Galaxy S10 5G’s display is also HDR10+ certified to ensure the best possible color reproduction. The only downside is that it has a 60Hz refresh rate instead of the newer Galaxy’s 120Hz refresh rate.

This phone features a large 4,500 mAh battery to go with its higher power components. This significant battery is equivalent to the battery on the newest NoteS20, meaning it should last through longer gaming sessions before charging. This phone also features Fast Charge technology, letting this phone achieve lightning-fast charges without needing to plug the phone in.

Samsung made this phone future proof with fully-functional 5G compatibility. Whether you are gaming from home or on the go, you should have access to lightning-fast internet speeds.

Since this phone is a couple of years old, Samsung no longer sells new versions of the S10. However, you can still find your own Galaxy S10 5G in various colors on aftermarket sites.

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