Best Rocket League toys

A few great options.

Image via Psyonix

Nearly six years after its 2015 release, Rocket League is still going strong with an active player base across multiple gaming platforms.

As a result of its popularity, the game also spawned toys from several companies, though not as many as you’d think. Most of the Rocket League toys are just simple tokens from the game, with one impressive exception to the rule. 

These are the best Rocket League toys.

Hot Wheels Rocket Stadium playset

Image via Hot Wheels

Kicking off the list is the most impressive officially licensed Rocket League toy, the Hot Wheels Rocket Stadium Playset

With this set, users replicate the basic game of Rocket League using miniaturized RC cars inside a replica stadium from the game. The included stadium features infrared sensors on the goals to automatically keep score, giving an authentic feel to this tabletop adaptation.

The set comes with two rechargeable RC cars, one modeled after the iconic Octane and the other modeled after the Dominus.

Players use smart devices like phones or tablets to control the RC cars, which is the biggest drawback to this set. It would be nice if the playset included dedicated controllers, especially since this product is great for kids, not all of whom have a smart device.

The Hot Wheels Rocket Stadium playset is an expensive toy, but it’s also one of the coolest products Mattel could have made with this IP.

JINX Rocket League small stress ball

Photo by JINX

The JINX Rocket League Small Stress Ball is an officially licensed Rocket League toy perfect for any Rocket League fan. The 2.75-inch stress ball is an accurate replica of the Rocket League ball, but beyond that, there isn’t much to say. This small replica ball is a great stocking stuffer for younger fans of the game and a great desk toy for older fans.

Hot Wheels Screen Time Octane

Screengrab via Hot Wheels

Miniature cars are one of the more obvious toy ideas for Rocket League, so it is not surprising that Psyonix collaborated with Mattel to turn the game’s cars into Hot Wheels toys. The most sought-after Rocket League Hot Wheel car is the mini version of the Octane

The Octane is one of the most popular Rocket League cars among fans and pros alike. It is also the vehicle most associated with the game. Die-hard fans can display this toy on their desks or goof around and pretend their aerials are on par with the pros. 

You can pick up the Hot Wheels Octane in red, blue, and orange. Like the stress ball, a replica Octane is sure to please Rocket League fans of all ages.

Rocket League light-up clip-ons

Image by Zag Toys via Gamestop

These Rocket League Clip-On keychains are made by Zag Toys and were originally released in 2018. Each Rocket League clip-on mystery package contains a random vehicle modeled after one of the cars from the game. There are nine collectible cars in total. While they don’t have too much function as a toy to play with, they are a great aesthetic addition to a backpack or keychain.

These products aren’t built to last, but they are inexpensive. Zag’s Rocket League keychains are also great trinkets to pick up as a small gift or stocking stuffer for fans of the game.

Rocket League pull-back racer mystery ball

Photo by Zag Toys via Walmart

These Rocket League mystery balls each contain one of twelve miniature pull-back Rocket League cars. This product is similar to the light-up clip-on keychains but includes cars featuring a classic wind-up-and-go design. These pull-back cars should work on standard car tracks built for Hot Wheels and other miniature cars. As a fun tribute to the game, the ball housing the mystery car is modeled after the official Rocket League ball.

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