Best PS5 controller charger

Chargers and dual chargers for the DualSense.

Razer PS5 charger
Image via Razer

The PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller is a sign of the times in the modern gaming era. The construction has become more akin to an Xbox controller in terms of bulkiness while still retaining the classic Playstation look that the previous DualShock controllers boast. Additionally, these controllers also have the benefit of being able to charge via any USB type C cable, which are common items in most households today.

That said, gamers still need to exercise some caution when choosing what devices to charge their DualSense controller with. The controller itself can only function with a 5v charge. The DualShock controllers were notorious for burning out when plugged into the common 9v chargers that are used with smartphones.

While the DualSense controller is built to communicate with such chargers and lock the voltage at 5v, you never want to take risks with suspect and cheap hardware that might not respect your controller’s max capacity. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the best chargers made specifically for the DualSense PS5 controller.

Razer quick charging stand for PlayStation 5

Image via Razer
Razer is a household name in PC peripherals and hardware production these days, and they’ve expanded their grasp into the console gaming world with the likes of their quick charging station for the DualSense controller. This charger is akin to the kind of docking station you’d see for the Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch, and promises a full charge for your controller in under three hours.

This charger also comes with a choice of three different colors to mix and match your controller with, if aesthetics are important to you. Of course, its connectivity matches that of the USB C so there’s no extra hardware needed to get this thing up and running (aside from your controller, of course.) All of this comes at a mid-range price point with Razer’s quick charging station.

NexiGo Enhanced PS5 controller charger

Image via NexiGo
If all you’re after is functionality, functionality, and – well – functionality, then you’ve got to go with NexiGo’s PS5 charger. This piece of hardware is priced for pure affordability with double the value, able to charge two PS5 controllers on one station. Its looks are bare-bones, and it comes with no options for color or design customization – but what you get in return is a reliable product. Be sure to go after a dual charging USB C brick if you plan on using both slots for two controllers, as this product doesn’t come with one!

Heatfun PS5 controller charger

Image via Heatfun
Heatfun’s PS5 charging station is another budget-friendly option that provides some extra flair at the cost of charging speeds. This PS5 charger can hold up to two controllers, has a vertical design that can help pull a gaming room’s aesthetics together, and comes with its own USB C charging cable.

The cheap price point is met with a longer charge time, though. With a total charge to max capacity at four hours, this piece of hardware is one of the slower chargers on this list.

OIVO PS5 charging station 

Image via Oivo
Oivo’s charger is the cheapest item on the list, and comes with a little more involvement than the other simple “plug and charge” style chargers – but not by much! For less than $10, this dual charger offers users an integrated chip that matches the current voltage requirements of their PS5 controller to enable quick charging for both controllers, while never risking an overuse of current. This provides faster charging at safe levels.

Its design is simple as a means to match the stock DualSense aesthetics, and this product also comes with its own USB C dongles and 31 inch USB C cable. Oivo’s dual charger is efficiently packed into one cheap product.

OIVO PS5 Ssand

Image via Oivo
The second Oivo charger on this list is the more expensive variant of their dual charger. This version comes with a PS5 stand that offers users an extra fan to provide air cooling to the PS5. This is a perfect feature for those who have their console on a carpet since this soft flooring can easily starve the PS5 of proper cooling, lowering the PS5’s performance through throttling and decreasing its lifespan.

Additionally, this stand acts as a natural extension between the charging station and the console itself, as the USB C ports for the charger are made to be right next to the USB C ports for the console, and can achieve a max charge for a controller in under three hours. Of course, this charger also has room for two controllers.

Playstation DualSense charging station

Image via Sony
Sometimes, the best option for many people is to go with the official product. Sony’s DualSense dual charger is a no-nonsense product at a mid-ranged price that gives users peace of mind in knowing that their charger is officially made by Sony specifically for the DualSense controller.

It isn’t the cheapest option, nor is it customizable in any way, but it’s not too expensive, has Sony’s mark of approval, and is compatible with two controllers at the same time so save on USB ports through the console. For most users, this is all the requirements they have for a charger from the get-go.

While the PS5 allows for charging via the console’s USB C ports, getting a separate, dedicated charger for your Dualsense controllers can help reduce charging times, save on USB C ports, and can even increase cooling, depending on the charger you get.

This list has a number of chargers to help you decide which product is the right one for you, whether that’s down to aesthetics, efficiency, or price points. No matter which you choose, they will all help you save on space and get you back into gaming with a full battery with unmatched speed.

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