Best Pokémon Mouse Pads

Poké setup bliss.

Image: Etsy

No Poké setup is complete without a charming Pokémon themed mouse pad. The possibilities are endless, thanks to the hundreds of various Pokémon in existence spanning across multiple decades. If you have a favorite Pokémon, finding a mousepad curated to your preference isn’t hard.

In general, picking the right mousepad is dependent on user application. For gamers, high-quality, large surfaces are the way to go. Meaning, no matter the sensitivity, each stroke of the mouse feels accurate and in control, without the pad slipping or fraying over time. Going with a larger size prevents from running out of pad during large mouse swipes. For non-gamers, the main takeaway is going with a mousepad that aligns with personal preference.

The best Pokémon mousepads share key characteristics: build quality, materials, customization options, and most importantly, the Pokémon theme printed onto the pad.

Bulbasaur Eating Noodles

Image: Etsy

A cute accent to any setup, this handmade mousepad is designed to provide a smooth user experience thanks to its quality build. Dimensions are 9″ x 7.5″, which should easily fit most workstations and desks. The image is particularly the selling point, featuring Bulbasaur chowing down on some delicious noodles—an image that’s sure to catch co-workers, friends, or any passerby’s attention. It’s made out of 4mm thick neoprene, so no need to worry about slippage. For $12, any Bulbasaur lover would be hard-pressed to pass this mousepad up.

Poké Collage

Image: Etsy

It can be hard to narrow down a handful of favorite Pokémon, so why not get a mousepad that fits as many of them on it as possible? This fully customizable desk mat comes in three sizes: 12″ × 18″, 12″ × 22″, and 31.29″ × 15.7″—no matter the size of mousepad you’re after, three choices is always beneficial. Made of 4mm thick neoprene, hemmed edges, and an anti-slip backing, this mousepad isn’t overlooking quality. The collage itself showcases mostly generation one Pokemon, with a couple of generation two’s and three’s sprinkled in.

The Three Ghosts

Image: Etsy

Imagine entering Lavender Town and heading inside Pokémon Tower each time you sit down at your setup. Luckily, with this mousepad, that can be the scenario. This mousepad features the three original ghost-type Pokémon from generation one: Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar. The design is sleek, black, spooky, and comes in three sizes: 12″ × 18″, 12″ × 22″ & 31.29″ × 15.7″. 4mm thick neoprene material, an anti-slip backing, and hemmed edges promote durability and stability no matter the task. This mousepad makes an excellent addition to any ghost-type enthusiast’s space.

Razer’s Pokemon themed Goliathus Speed

Image: Razer

Razer is no stranger to gaming peripherals, and when Pokémon joins the party, great things happen. The Pokémon themed Goliathus Speed features quality weaves that provide a smooth surface to glide across. The underside is slick, no need to worry about unwanted slippage or movements. No matter the sensitivity, each swipe is optimized for speed and control. Also, there’s a whole slew of additional Pokémon themed peripherals to complete the collection, like the Pikachu themed Razer Deathadder, featuring a light-up Pickachu tail where the Razer logo normally goes.


Image: Amazon

Eevee is a favorite for many Pokémon fans. That’s also true for the eight different evolution types—the most of any other Pokémon. This mousepad captures each of them into an artistic design, perfect for any Eevee lover. Made out of 2mm rubber, this mousepad offers a variety of uses, including a keyboard pad, work mat, and even a card mat if warranted. Dimensions are 14in x 24in, which is a nice sweet spot size given its multi-functional uses. It’s also water-resistant and machine washable, although, be careful of spilling coffee or fizzy drinks onto the mat, because it is prone to stains.

Poké House

Image: Etsy

Spanning 80cm wide and 30cm tall, this mousepad—considered more like a mat—easily covers the majority of working stations or desks with ease, just make sure you have enough surface space. It’s the ideal size for placing a keyboard and mouse on the mat at the same time, with plenty of room for each peripheral to maneuver, which is good news for gamers. A non-slip rubber base resists slippage, quality stitching prevents fraying, and a smooth surface means solid tracking performance and aiming precision. For Pokémon lovers aiming for a massive mousepad, this handmade Pokémon is as charming as it is big.

Classic Charizard

Image: Etsy

Charizard is one of the most expensive Pokemon cards in existence, and for good reason. Much of Charizard’s popularity stems from its presence in the Pokémon animated series as one of Ash Ketchum’s original partners, along with nostalgia from the original games. For many, Charizard is a favorite. This mousepad features a classic-looking Charizard posing in front of a red background, simple and perfect. It’s about the standard in size, measuring 7.75in x 9.25in and 5.5mm thick. Although not ideal for gaming given the smaller size, this mousepad easily works for any other workplace application—and the image is sure to be recognized.

Iconic Battle

Image: redlandia17

Charmander vs. Squirtle from the original Game Boy games, Pokemon Red and Blue. It doesn’t get any more iconic than that. Any Pokemon fan from the beginning is sure to appreciate this mousepad. The pad is made of durable, heat-resistant polyester fabric, backed with a neoprene rubber non-slip backing. It’s even machine washable, without the risk of fading. For $10, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more nostalgic Pokemon themed mousepad for fans of the original Game Boy games.

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