Best pink gaming mouse pads

These pink gaming mouse pads offer value, performance, and style.

Image via ASUS

While it’s completely reasonable to settle for a standard black or grey mouse pad, other gamers want to add color to their set up, and pink is one of the most popular colors for gamers of all ages and genders. Some gamers don’t just want their mousepad to perform well—they also want a mousepad with style.

Every PC gamer relies on their mouse pad to provide a smooth, reliable surface for their mouse. Competitive PC games demand high levels of precision for mouse movements, and a bad gaming surface can have a detrimental impact on your in-game abilities.

Here are some of the best pink gaming mouse pads on the market!

ASUS ROG Sheath PNK Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

Image via ASUS

The Asus ROG Sheath pink limited edition gaming mousepad is a large desk-sized gaming surface that features a bold white and pink design. The colors are designed to go with other pink ASUS gaming peripherals, such as their Gladius ll pink gaming mouse and their Strix Flare pink mechanical keyboard.

The pink section located on the left side of this mouse pad is overlaid with a gamer themed text design, which adds some visual flair to its otherwise minimalist visual presentation. In addition to serving its function, this mousepad is also sure to brighten up any gaming setup.

Asus’ Sheath mat measures 35.4 inches by 17.3 inches, making it the largest mat on this list. This is enough room to cover an entire gaming desk, converting your entire desk into a mouse worthy surface. The mat’s surface is made of a micro woven cloth material that serves as an excellent tracking surface for laser optical gaming mice.

The Asus ROG Sheath mouse pad is built to last, with woven edges and a sturdy rubber underside to provide maximum grip with the desk.

MoKo RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

Image via MoKo

The MoKo RGB gaming mouse pad is an extra-wide mousepad that features a ring of RGB lighting around the outside of the pad. This pink mouse pad can be attached to your PC through a USB cord that powers the RGB strip. The mousepad also has its own USB 2.0 port for your headphones, keyboard, or mouse, which sets this mouse pad apart from other options on the list.

The RGB ring around the outside of this mouse pad uses 15 different lighting modes, 11 of which are static and four of which are dynamic. The dynamic modes include flowing light, gradient light, neon light, and breathing light. The RGB lighting is also plug and play, which means it will require no drivers or extra software. Instead, you can cycle through the lighting modes directly on the pad by using an attached switch.

This mouse pad measures 32 inches by 12 inches, which is wide enough to go under your keyboard and mouse. The top surface is made of micro-textured cloth that provides an easy to clean surface. The bottom is made of non-slip rubber to ensure the mat remains still on the desk.

The MoKo RGB gaming mouse pad is a great product for any gamer who likes this redder shade of pink and is looking for an RGB gaming mouse pad.

INNOPLUS XL Gaming Mousepad

Image via INNOPLUS

The INNOPLUS gaming mouse pad is another great pink mousepad. While most of the mousepads on this list feature a solid pink design, this mouse pad features a dynamic pink galaxy, bringing a unique visual flair to this product. Beyond the pink galaxy design, this is a gaming-ready mouse pad designed to cover a significant portion of your desk.

This mat measures 31.5 inches by 15.75inches, which is plenty of space to host both your mouse movement and a keyboard. It is not nearly as large as the Asus pad listed above, but it will still give you plenty of usable space. The pad’s surface is made of micro-woven fiber and is well optimized for precise cursor movements.

This mouse pad is also made to last, featuring stitching around the edges and a water-resistant design that helps keep the mousepad safe from spill damage. The INNOPLUS mousepad offers a lot of value at a very reasonable price.

YSAGi RGB Gaming Mousepad

Image via YSAGi

The YSAGi RGB gaming mousepad is the second mousepad on this list to feature an RGB strip around the border of the pad. Measuring 31.5 inches by 15.7 inches, this pale pink mouse pad is nearly four inches taller than the MoKo RGB mouse pad listed earlier.

This desk mat features 13 lighting modes, which can be accessed right out of the box without installing drivers or software. The lighting modes can be cycled by using a built-in switch that also controls the RGB strip’s brightness. After the pad’s lighting is turned off and turned back on again, it will remember the setting it was on before it was shut off.

The surface of this mouse pad is made of PU imitation leather. As a result, the mousepad is water-resistant and easier to clean than the micro-woven pads featured on this list. However, PU leather is not the preferred surface for most gamers since it doesn’t provide as smooth a surface as the micro-woven options. Despite not being every gamer’s favorite, the PU leather surface on this pad is still very usable for gaming.

LANGTU Extended Gaming Mousepad

Image via LANGTU

For gamers who want a more heavily themed pink mouse pad, consider picking up the LANGTU gaming mouse pad. This mouse pad features original Japanese inspired artwork depicting a scene using a black, white, and pink color pallet. On top of being arguably the most beautiful gaming surface on this list, it is the most affordable one.

This mouse pad measures 31.5 inches by 15.75 inches across and features a stitched edge to prevent fraying and add to the mat’s durability desk mat. A micro-textured cloth material makes up the surface of this mouse pad, and all of the edges are fully stitched to prevent fraying. This mousepad will do its job, with no frills, no fuss, and no RGB.

This is a great budget option for gamers who want to liven up their setup. LANGTU also produced blue and green versions of this mouse pad, featuring their own unique nature scenes.

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