Best pink computer mice

Who doesn't love pink peripherals?

Image via ASUS

“Pink everything” is the motto of many gamers when they set out to buy a new gaming peripheral. There are pink controllers, pink chairs, pink keyboards, and pink computer mice available for purchase. 

While some gamers may settle for black and gray everything, there are more aesthetically-driven gamers who want everything in their gaming setup to match a specific color palette. Colorful setups are fun, personal, and can add to the enjoyment of gaming. One of the most popular colors to customize a setup with is pink.

Unfortunately, despite the popularity of pink products, quality pink gaming mice are pretty difficult to find. Only a few companies have released a pink mouse in the first place, and many of those companies only released limited runs of their pink mice.

That said, if you are looking to invest in your own pink gaming mouse, there are a few good options on the market to consider.

ASUS ROG Gladius II Origin Limited Edition PNK

Image via ASUS

The ASUS ROG Gladius II Origin pink edition is a reliable wired pink mouse that offers you both performance and style at a reasonable price. This is a right-handed mouse only, so keep that in mind when selecting a product to purchase.

Asus brags that this mouse is for the “Pinkaholics” out there, and it’s not wrong. This mouse has a two-tone design, with a pink shade covering most of the body. The pink is complemented by a greyish blue color that brings out the softness in the pink. As a bonus, this mouse is part of the ROG PNK LTD line, so if you have any of Asus’ other pink peripherals, this mouse should match up with them.

On the performance sides of things, the Asus ROG Gladius II is a capable gaming mouse. The ROG Gladius II comes with a 12,000 DPI optical sensor, 250 IPS, and a dedicated DPI button for adjustability on the go. The mouse features Omron switches rated for more than 50-million clicks. This mouse even comes with an extra set of Omron switches, just in case you do manage to wear out the preinstalled switches.

The ROG Gladius II has built-in Asus Aura RGB lighting. You can choose between six customizable lighting presets that illuminate the scroll wheel and the bottom of the mouse. 

While it may not be the best product on this list, the ROG Gladius II is still a surefire bet for anyone looking for a basic but reliable pink gaming mouse.

Razer Lancehead TE Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Screenshot via Razer

The Razer Lancehead TE Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse is a gaming mouse with a comfortable grip and fun RGB lighting.

The Lancehead features a beautiful industrial design. The pink primary shade is complemented by beautiful metallic accents on the sides and front, giving this mouse a very sleek and modern look. The ambidextrous shape of the mouse is designed to be used by left-handed and right-handed gamers alike.

This mouse has an adjustable optical sensor capable of up to 16,000 DPI with dedicated DPI buttons to switch between your reprogrammable profiles on the fly. In total, there are eight programmable buttons that can be used for any number of functions.

The Lancehead TE gaming mouse comes with Razer’s own custom mechanical mouse switches. These switches are engineered for 50-million clicks and were co-designed and produced by Omron.

There is a small LED strip on each side of the mouse, and the scroll wheel is also lit with RGB lighting. The RGB effects can be customized using Razer’s Synapse 3 software. You can even coordinate your mouse RGB lighting with any other Razer Chroma powered devices you own.

Razer’s Lancehead is a high-performance mouse perfect for any gamer who loves pink, including the left-handed players out there.


Image via BenQ

BenQ is a hardware brand that is known for its gaming monitors. They also created a small but competent gaming mouse called the BenQ ZOWIE S1 Divina edition mouse. Like the Razer Lancehead TE, this mouse is symmetrical but is not ambidextrous since there are only side buttons on the mouse’s left side.

The body of the ZOWIE S1 Divina edition is solid pink. The only non-pink colors featured on this mouse are the white scroll wheel and the white side buttons positioned on the left side. Unlike some of the other options on this list, this mouse doesn’t come with RGB lighting. 

This mouse may not be the best option for the average gamer in regard to form and features. The S1 Divina only features five buttons, which is a drawback for gamers who map a lot of functions onto their mouse. It also features preset DPI settings at 400, 800, 1,600, and 3,200, which is limiting compared to Razer’s expanded DPI adjustability.

This simple, plug-and-play mouse is pretty reliable. While its features don’t make it the best gaming mouse on this list, it is a great general-purpose mouse that is more than capable of competitive gaming. If you are looking for a stylish general-purpose mouse, this is a great option to consider.

Razer Viper Ultimate Lightest Wireless Gaming Mouse

Image via Razer

The Razer Viper Ultimate is a top-of-the-line wireless gaming mouse. While this mouse is the most expensive option on this list by a significant margin, it is also the only wireless option on the list. There aren’t many options for pink wireless mice out there, so you might have to pay a decent chunk of change for it if you want one.

Like some of the other mice on this list, the Razer Viper Ultimate is ambidextrous, meaning it will work for left-handed and right-handed gamers alike.

The Viper Ultimate has a very stylish matte pink and gray design. The main parts are designed with a soft, attractive shade of pink, while the accent parts feature a matte grey finish. The included charging dock is the same shade of pink as the mouse itself. The charging dock also has built-in Chroma RGB lighting that can be customized using Razer Synapse 3 software.

This mouse should be able to run for about 70 hours between charges. It comes with a 20,000 DPI optical sensor, which is the highest DPI sensor option of any on this list. It also boasts a very light 74-gram weight. While this weight is still slightly higher than other wired lightweight gaming mice, it is very light for a wireless gaming mouse. 

Razer claims that the Viper Ultimate is capable of 25 percent faster read speeds than “competing wireless mice” due to Razer’s HyperSpeed wireless technology, which is designed to minimize latency. While this read speed comparison is difficult to verify, this mouse should perform on par with other high-performance wireless mice. 

Razer included its newest optical mouse switches in this product. These specially designed switches use a light-beam system to activate your mouse, allowing your clicks to register instantaneously. There are also eight programmable buttons on this mouse that can be used for any number of applications.

Overall, this mouse offers a zero compromise, wireless gaming experience. You can have the best gaming features and the best color design, all in a single, wireless package. If you are looking for a wireless pink gaming mouse, this is the best product out there.

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