Best Nintendo Switch Lite cases

Protect your Nintendo Switch Lite with these affordable and durable cases.

Image: The Verge

Protective cases are a popular accessory for gaming consoles of every kind, especially the Switch since you can bring it with you anywhere! With a simple search, you can find dozens of cases for Nintendo Switch Lite, and each case has its own features, including ones with soft or hard material and additional pockets for gaming stuff. However, not all Nintendo Switch Lite cases are worth paying for.

Here, we provided a list of the best Nintendo Switch Lite cases that can protect your console to the best and prevent any possible damage.

Orzly accessories bundle

Orzly Accessories Bundle Compatible
Image: Orzly
This case from Orzly is specially designed for the Nintendo Switch Lite and offers great protection along with excellent portability. It is an EVA hardshell case and has some screen protectors inside the package. Also, it comes with a grip for easier transportation. But what sets the Orzly case apart is a large amount of space and pockets for gaming stuff such as earphones and USB charging cables. You can even keep eight games within the case. Even better, the case is available in multiple colors.

LeyuSmart protector case for Nintendo Switch

LeyuSmart Protector Case for Nintendo Switch
Image: LeyuSmart
If you are looking for a case with the sole purpose of protecting the console, the LeyuSmart protector case might be the best offer. It is made of Polycarbonate and TPU, promising great protection while being lightweight. The case is drop-resistant and shockproof. It also comes with a screen protector. While durable, this is a stunning case that is stylish and comes in a variety of colors!

Fintie kids case for Nintendo Switch Lite 2019

Fintie Kids Case for Nintendo Switch Lite 2019
Image: Fintie
This case from Fintie is made of heavy-duty EVA foam and offers all-around protection. Also, it is lightweight and doesn’t add much to the device’s thickness, leading to a more convenient gaming experience. Within the case, you have two game card sockets. Raised bezels and shock-absorbing features bring more peace of mind. The Fintie case is available in six vibrant colors, and it would be a great gift for the kids.

JINGDU carrying case for Nintendo Switch Lite

JINGDU Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch Lite
The JINGDU carrying case for Nintendo Switch Lite has an amusing and entertaining design for the kids. It is an EVA hardshell case meaning despite the doll-like face, it offers a great protection level. There are two straps inside which prevent the console from falling unexpectedly. You will also have 10 game card slots and a mesh pocket for USB cables or earphones within the case. It also comes with a portable hand strap for easier transportation.

PERFECTSIGHT protective case for Nintendo Switch Lite

PERFECTSIGHT Protective Case for Nintendo Switch Lite
This protective case from PERFECTSIGHT offers a great variety in terms of design and colors. There are six anime designs to pick from, which is pretty awesome. In addition to a fun look, the protection level that this case brings to your console is remarkable. Your Nintendo Switch Lite will find a reliable safeguard thanks to TPU material, shock-absorbing, and anti-scratch features.

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