Best Nintendo Switch Game Card Case

Shield your game cartridges from splashes and drops!

best nintendo switch game card cases

Did you know your Nintendo Switch game cards are prone to scratches, breakage, and dust? And even if you do manage to shield them from wear and tear, you can still lose them. It’s easy to misplace game cards. They’re so small and light, that they can slip or slide into some remote, unimaginable corner.

This is why you need to invest in a good game card case. You can place all the cards in a case and never lose them. These cases can shield them from bumps and scratches and you’re better organized.

With all those fancy game card cases flooding the internet, you can get any size, shape, and color you want. We made your hunt easier and picked out the best Nintendo Switch game card cases.

HORI game card case for 24 Switch games

hori game card case
Image via HORI
If you’re looking for a no-nonsense game card holder, the HORI case is perfect. The case snugly holds 24 of your favorite games and even has a dedicated holder for memory cards. You can easily pocket the compact, lightweight card case and never bother about losing your cards again. HORI’s case is officially licensed by Nintendo, so you can be sure of its high quality.

JINGDU case for Switch games

Image via JINGDU
JINGDU’s gamer card case can accommodate up to 24 game cards and 24 memory cards. Even with this huge capacity, the case sleek and compact. The tough PC exterior prevents damage to cards and the magnetic closures ensure that they won’t fall out. Inside, the case sports soft silicon material that is a snug fit for game cards. You can easily fit the case in your pocket or purse as it’s lightweight and portable.

FUNLAB Switch game case

Image via FUNLAB
If you are a Pokemon fan, then you need to check out FUNLAB’s game card case. The card case resembles Pokedex and is perfect to flaunt your Pokemon Switch game collection along with your fandom. The small pocket-size case can store up to six game cards inside the foam recesses. The exterior is carfted out of aluminium that keeps your cards away from wear and tear. With the metal snaps, you can be sure that the cards won’t fall out.

SNRIQ portable Switch game card

Image via SNRIQ
SNRIQ’s Switch card case is a tough one – it’s waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. The hard outer shell safeguards your game collection from all possible accidents. On the inside, the card slots are lined with soft material and its easy to pop the card in and out. The case can hold up to 24 game cards. It’s compact enough to fit into your pockets and backpacks.

sisma 80 Switch game holder

Image via sisma
sisma’s zip-around game card case can hold your entire games collection. You can fit in 80 game cartridges and each one gets a dedicated elastic slot. This makes it very easy to organize and saves a lot of space. The semi-hard exterior is water-resistant and shields your cards from spills and dust. It’s lightweight and compact, which makes it fit for traveling.

JINGDU mushroom game card case

Image via JINGDU
This is a rather unique case by JINGDU. It has an attractive-yet-tough outershell with anti-slip coating. Inside it, you can fit in 12 game cards along with 12 SD cards. The soft material inside holds your cards securely. Despite the storage capacity, the case is small enough to fit into your palm and jeans pocket. The buckle closure makes sure that nothing falls out. You can get this JINGDU case in three other awesome variants – Pikachu, Pokeball, and Animal Crossing.

Amazon Basics game storage case

Image via Amazon Basics
One look at this Amazon Basics case and you know its tough. The case’s smart storage lets you put in 24 game cards and it comes with a memory card holder. You can easily pop the cards in and out from the slots. With the little latch on the box, everything remains securely locked inside. Amazon Basic’s game card case easily fits into pockets and purses.

Now that you have a sturdy case to flaunt and protect your game cartridges, how about getting a case for your Nintendo Switch?

From heavy-duty hard cases to soft PU cases, we have chosen Nintendo Switch cases in all shapes and sizes. Find the perfect one that suits your purpose!

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