Best Lugia Moveset in Pokémon Go

Tame the Johto Legend.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Lugia is one of Pokémon’s most popular and powerful creatures. It was the first legendary Pokémon ever added to Pokémon Go, and Lugia is a common pick for raiding and other events.

With so many moves at its disposal, though, it can be hard for budding trainers to know which ones to take into the many battle modes in the game. Here are our favorite picks for Lugia’s moveset so you know exactly what to choose depending on your playstyle.

Quick Move

For its quick move, Dragon Tail or Extrasensory are the two best options. Dragon Tail has a wider use and boasts good damage and DPS, whereas Extrasensory is better used for specific matchups depending on type.

Main Move

The Main Move depends on preference. Aeroblast, which Lugia can learn through Elite TMs, is arguably the best move in the Pokémon’s arsenal, with a huge DPS and damage counter advantage over the rest of its moveset. The move takes a while to charge, though. So while it could be perfect for raiding, Aeroblast may not be the best pick for battles.

This arguably leaves just Sky Attack as its only other option. While it is the lesser power move available, it has a slightly quicker charge time, giving you chances to break shields in fights. It might be better suited for PvP or Rocket Fights over anything else and should be teamed up with Extrasensory to have the best typing range possible.