Best Leather Mouse Pads

The luxury of leather

Pleasant Breeze mouse
Image: Pleasant Breeze

Leather mouse pads are a practical alternative to cloth and other materials because they have a smooth surface with little friction for the mouse to glide smoothly. Another reason people favor leather mouse pads over other types is their durability. Leather is tough and difficult to damage and can potentially last for many years if taken care of.

The biggest disadvantage to leather mouse pads is their high cost compared to other types. One of the ways manufacturers get past the high cost factor is by using Polyurethane (PU) leather instead of genuine leather. PU leather has the same look and feel as the genuine type and comes in a wider variety of colors. It’s also much cheaper, although it has a shorter lifespan and will eventually crack and peel.

Best overall leather mouse pad

Hide & Drink, Thick Leather Durable Mouse Pad

Image: Hide & Drink

The Hide & Drink, Thick Leather Durable Mouse Pad is made from tough, genuine leather and comes in a choice of Bourbon Brown or Sangria with a tasteful logo etched into the bottom-right corner. Each mouse pad is hand-cut from soft, full-grain leather that’s long-lasting and easy to clean.

Measuring 9.25 by 8.75 inches (23.4 by 22-centimeters) in size and 0.13 inches (3.3 millimeters) thick, the Hide and Drink mouse pad is big enough for most mouse movements while being thin enough for smooth mouse tracking.

At $22.99, this mousepad is quite pricey, but it’s worth the money for the lifetime warranty, and the manufacturer will send you a replacement free of charge if it ever breaks. Its only downside is its lack of stitching around the edges, giving it a rough look that might not be to everyone’s tastes.

Best large leather mouse pad

Boshiho Genuine Leather Desk Pad

Image: Boshiho

Some users find it more convenient to have a large desk pad for their keyboard and mouse, so they don’t have to worry about moving around while working. As its name suggests, the Boshiho Genuine Leather Desk Pad is made from genuine leather and is big enough for a mouse and keyboard to fit comfortably.

This desk pad measures 28 by 15 inches ( 71.12 by 38.1 centimeters) with a 0.07-inch (2.0 millimeters) thickness. It also comes in a range of colors, including Tan, Black, Cork, and Litchi Grain. The top surface has a waterproof layer to protect it from spills, and the bottom has a suede base to keep it in place.

With a $52.99 price tag, the Boshiho desk pad doesn’t come cheap. It’s still worth it for its durability, and it’s unlike that you’ll need a replacement for years to come.

Best leather mouse pad with a wrist rest

Londo Leather Mousepad with Wrist Rest

Image: Londo

A built-in wrist rest can make a difference to users who need extra wrist support when they spend hours at their computer. Londo’s Leather Mousepad with Wrist Rest has a simple yet elegant design with a padded wrist rest for extra comfort.

Unlike the other options mentioned so far, it’s made from PU leather instead of genuine leather. The material gives it a smoother feel, and it comes in four different colors, including Light Brown, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Black, and Black Stitches. At 8.2 by 8.2 inches (20.82 by 20.82 centimeters), it’s also the smallest mouse pad listed so far, and its compact size makes it easier to transport in a laptop case.

Since the Londo mouse pad is made from PU leather, it’s much cheaper than the other mouse pads mentioned so far at just $14.99. Its low price and integrated wrist rest make it a practical option for buyers looking for good ergonomics, but it won’t have the lifespan of genuine leather alternatives.

Best budget leather mouse pad

Pleasant Breeze Thick Cowhide Leather Mouse Pad

Image: Pleasant Breeze

Not all leather mousepads are expensive, and there are some affordable options like the Pleasant Breeze Thick Cowhide Leather Mouse Pad. This no-frills mouse pad is made from genuine leather with rounded edges and is available in Espresso Brown or Light Gray.

The Pleasant Breeze mouse pad’s surface has a waterproof coating, while the bottom is suede to prevent it from slipping. It measures 7.5 by 9.5 inches ( 19.05 by 24.13 centimeters), so it should be fine for most users.

It’s had to go wrong with the Pleasant Breeze mouse pad because it’s made from genuine leather and costs $9.99. Like the Hide & Drink option, there’s no stitching on the edges, but it’s hard to complain, considering its low price.

Best value mouse pad

YSAGI 2 Pack Mouse Pads


Buyers looking for the best value can check out the YSAGI 2 Pack Mouse Pads. It comes as a set of two and is available in over 22 colors, including Purple, Cinnamon Pink, Olive Green, Spinel Red, and more.

The reason for so many colors is the PVC leather construction that’s stronger than PU leather but can’t match the durability of the genuine version. This mouse pad also has an easy-to-clean waterproof coating and a suede backing to keep it in place. Unlike the other mousepads mentioned so far, it has a round shape with an 8.66 inch ( 22 centimeters) diameter and 0.07 inch ( 0.18 centimeter) thickness.

For $8.99, buyers get two YSAGI mousepads any they can choose a color to complement their furniture or decor. While these round mouse pads might not be to everyone’s tastes, they are still functional and come at a cost most people can afford.

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