Best Headphones for Kids

Safe sound for kids.

Kids need good headphones to enjoy listening to music, playing games, and even remote learning. Most adult headphones don’t cut it because they may be too big and heavy for many hours of use.

Headphones for children are often smaller than regular headphones and have volume limiters to protect their ears from loud sounds that may cause hearing damage. If the child is doing remote schooling or playing games, it might be wise to get headphones with a built-in microphone to communicate with the teacher or friends.

While both types work, it’s better to get wireless headphones for kids instead of wired options. Wired headphones can get tangled, which might pose a safety risk for younger kids, and parts like the cables and connectors are also more prone to breaking with rough use. Wireless options aren’t only safer, but there are fewer parts to break.

Best overall headphones for kids

Puro JuniorJams

Puro’s JuniorJams come in a range of exciting colors to appeal to younger users and offer a wired and Bluetooth connection. It’s available in a range of bright colors like white with teal, pink or green, as well as black and blue to appeal to kids of all ages.

The headphones, including the headband and earcups, are made from plastic with imitation leather on the earpads. There are controls for the volume, play, and pause on the right earcup, with the left housing the power button and audio cable port. Each earcup contains 40-millimeter drivers, and they are limited to 85 dB to protect kids from hearing loss due to loud sounds.

Buyers can connect the JuniorJams with a 3.5-millimeter cable or a Bluetooth 4.0 connection. According to Puro, the JuniorJams have a range of up to 30 feet (nine meters), with an estimated battery life of around 22 hours.

JuniorJams are comfortable for kids and some adults and have Bluetooth connectivity and a volume limiter. Their $79 price tag isn’t cheap, but it’s worth it for the comfort and sound quality.

Best gaming headphones for kids

JLab JBuddies

Junior gamers might prefer headphones with a retractable microphone like the JLab JBuddies. These headphones come in three color variations including black, blue, and pink, and match the JuniorJams wired and wireless connectivity.

The feature that sets the JLab JBuddies apart from the alternatives on this list is the retractable boom microphone. It’s ideal for gaming with low latency of 60 milliseconds and its clear sound makes it perfect for remote learning too. Like the JuniorJams, the sound is restricted to 85 dB to protect the listener’s ears.

Kids can connect the JLab JBuddies to mobile phones and tablets using a Bluetooth 5.0 connection with an expected 22 hours of battery life. They can also use the headphones with a 3.5-millimeter wired connection on consoles like the PlayStation 4.

At $49, the JLab JBuddies are much more affordable than the JuniorJams while matching many of its features like Bluetooth connectivity and a foldable design. The JLab JBuddies also have a retractable microphone for gaming, but it’s limited to just three color options.

Best options headphones for kids

LilGadgets Untangled PRO Kids

While the last two options only have a handful of available color options, the LilGadgets Untangled PRO Kids comes in a whopping ten different combinations to appeal to kids. Some of the regular colors available include purple, white, blue, and black. There are also some available in attractive patterns like Rainbow Cat, Far Out Doodles, and Snow and Digital Camo.

All the variants come with soft, perforated padding on the headband and earcups and include 40-millimeter drivers. The left earcup houses the volume dial, play and pause button, and the power button. It also has a 3.5-millimeter audio port and the micro USB port for charging.

The Untangled PRO Kids matches the Bluetooth connectivity of the alternatives on this list, but it has a shorter, 12-hour battery life. Another difference is that it is limited to 93 dB instead of 85 dB, making it slightly louder than the others.

These headphones have the widest color range of any on this list, making them perfect for kids who want to stand out. The $49.95 price matches the JLab JBuddies, but it has an internal microphone that might not be the best for gaming.

Best headphones for younger kids

ONANOFF BuddyPhones Play+

The Onanoff BuddyPhones Play+ are designed for younger kids and comes with attractive stickers to customize their headphones. They come in a range of colors, including, Rosepink, DeepBlue, GreyMatter, and SnowWhite, and each one comes with a set of four cartoon stickers for further personalization.

Another child-friendly feature on the BuddyPhones Play+ is the three different volume settings. In Toddlermode the headphones only go up to 75 dB, and it goes up to 85 Db in Kid’s Mode. The last and most powerful setting is the TravelMode which takes it up to 94 dB. There’s also a Study Mode feature that optimizes vocals from other sounds, making the headphones ideal for remote learning.

Like the other headphones on this list, the BuddyPhones Play+ can work with a 3.5-millimeter cable or a Bluetooth connection with an estimated 20 hours of battery life and a 65-feet (20 meters) range.

Onanoff’s BuddyPhones Play+ sits in the same price bracket as the Untangled PRO Kids and JLab JBuddies at $49.99 and offers three different sound settings and colorful stickers. Its main drawback is its plasticky feel that doesn’t seem as sturdy as its competitors.

Best Budget headphones for kids

JVC Wireless Tinyphone HA-KD10W

Buyers looking for a more budget-friendly option can check out the JVC Wireless Tinyphone HA-KD10W. These headphones only come in pink and yellow, with large, distinct buttons that are easily accessible.

When it comes to build quality, the Tinyphone HA-KD10Ws have a thick plastic headband with left and right markings and prominent volume control buttons shaped like the symbols they represent. The headband has a seven-step adjustment mechanism for a perfect fit, and the ear cups contain 40-millimeter drivers behind the soft, padded earpads. Kids can also personalize the headset’s look with the included sticker in the shapes of robots, sharks, and other cartoon animals.

Unlike the other headphones on this list, the Tinyphone HA-KD10W only connects via Bluetooth, and there’s no option to use a wired connection. The lithium-ion battery takes around three hours to charge and provides approximately 16 hours of battery life for users.

There’s no doubt that the Tinyphone HA-KD10W lacks some of the features such as wired connectivity that buyers take for granted on the other alternatives listed here. On the other hand, it’s difficult to complain, considering the low price of $39.95, and it’s still a viable option for budget-conscious parents.

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