Best Glass Gaming Desks

Elevate your space with a glass gaming desk.

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If you spend hours playing League of Legends or Fortnite, you might want to consider a gaming desk. Gaming desks often have different features than regular desks and help create a more immersive experience. 

Most gaming desks have spacious desktops with room for your monitor, mouse, keyboard, and PC. The best gaming desks have added gamer-centric features like cupholders, headphone racks, and built-in cable management. Some even have RGB lighting to brighten up the room and create some ambiance. 

Gaming desks come in several different styles. You can get standing gaming desks, gaming desks with RGB lighting, or even desks in bright colors like blue, pink, or white. Some gaming desks are a combination of all of them. The desktop is usually wood or glass and they often have a glossy finish or a mousepad to improve tracking for action-packed games like Call of Duty or CS:GO

It doesn’t matter which surface you choose, but glass can look more sophisticated and classy. When you buy a glass desk, you need to ensure that it can handle your equipment’s weight, and don’t forget to think about other equipment you may add in the future, like speaker sets.

Here are our picks for the best glass gaming desks.

EUREKA Ergonomic Tempered Glass Gaming Desk

Image via Eureka

The Eureka Ergonomic Tempered Glass Gaming Desk is a fantastic gaming desk with excellent features. It uses Z-shaped legs with added supports for stability. The desktop measures 43 inches by 23.6 inches, so it should be enough for a standard gaming rig, but you might find it hard to add a second screen. 

The top of this gaming desk is constructed from thick tempered glass that’s scratch resistant and will easily support up to 200 pounds. Where this gaming desk excels is all the additional features. It comes with a cupholder, a headset holder, and a controller rack. The controller rack even has four USB ports to keep your devices fully charged while playing.

One of this desk’s best features is the stunning diamond-patterned RGB lighting on the desktop. This desk has over 180 RGB presets and can sync with your music to create a fantastic light show. 

Lian-Li DK-04X

Image via Toms

The Lian-Li DK-O4X is the most innovative gaming desk on this list. It stands apart from the others because it doubles as a gaming PC case, and you can set up your entire gaming rig, including the motherboard, PSU, NVMe, and everything else under the desktop. It has built-in buttons and comes with cooling fans and bays for your hard drives. The front of the desk even has USB and audio ports.

This desk has sturdy iron legs and a brushed aluminum body. The desktop is made from tempered glass to show off your build, and it can support over 200 pounds. If you don’t want anyone to see your build, you just press a button, and the glass goes dark. The height is electrically adjustable so that you can use it as a sitting or a standing desk. The DK-04x is costly, but there’s nothing else like it.

Walker Edison Soreno 

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The Walker Edison Soreno is perfect if you need a gaming desk that can double as an office desk. This L-shaped desk is spacious, and you can fit your PC equipment on one side and use the other side for paperwork or other tasks. You could even use it for multiple monitors if you like. This desk has a steel frame and is available in black, silver, white, and smoke gray. You won’t have to worry about wobbling because all the legs have extra support beams.

The desktop is made of 6-millimeter glass that should be enough to support your PC and other equipment. You also get a sliding keyboard tray and a universal PC stand. If you need more space, it’s possible to combine two of these desks to make one massive U-shaped desk. The Soreno isn’t as flashy as some of the other desks on this list, but it’s just as functional.

Z-Line Designs Cyrus

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The Z-Line Cyrus is a fantastic option if you have limited space and need mobility. This desk has a surface area of 48 inches by 26 inches but has three levels so that you can have many devices in a relatively small space. It doesn’t have a traditional gaming desk look and instead goes for a more classic shape with a cherry wood finish with black accents.

The design makes it possible to place your monitor on eye-level, and there’s a slide-out keyboard tray. You can efficiently run all your cables because each level has built-in grommets. Having castors allows the user to move the desk out of the way when it’s not in use. The Z-Line Cyrus isn’t cheap, but the build quality is superb.

Ultradesk Freeze

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The Ultradesk Freeze is a massive gaming desk with more than enough space for two monitors and all your other devices like your speakers, keyboard, and mouse. This desk has stable Z-shaped legs and a frame made from aluminum. The desktop is made from tough, 6mm tempered glass and measures 55 inches by 27 inches. 

This desk looks amazing, with RGB lighting running in a strip along the legs and a stylish pattern on the desk’s sides. The lighting comes in six different colors, and you can control it with the supplied remote control. Other great features include a large mousepad and shelf under the desk to store your power supply and run your cables. This gaming desk is impressive, but it’s a shame that it doesn’t have any cupholders or controller racks. 

ACME Vincent Computer Desk

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The Acme Vincent Desk is another fantastic choice if you have limited space and need a desk that’s compact and mobile. It has a modern design with a gray metal frame and glass top. The desktop area only measures 29 inches by 24 inches, but there’s a separate keyboard tray and a bottom shelf for your PC. Even with the extra shelves, you’re unlikely to fit screens larger than 32-inches on this desk.

The keyboard tray measures 25 inches across, so there’s ample space for your PC, and you could probably add a printer or subwoofer with the extra space. Despite the compact size, this desk offers impressive functionality, and it’s a bonus that it can be wheeled around. 

Signature Design by Ashley Baraga

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The Signature Design by Ashley Baraga 61-inch desk has an L-shape with ample space for your monitor and computer case on one side with space for your paperwork or speakers on the other. Compared to the Walker Edison Soreno, this desk has a more modern look with a chunky white base and floating glass design.

The L-shaped design allows you to save space, and the modular design lets you choose whether you want it optimized for left or right-handed users. The tempered glass desktop is tough enough to support your equipment’s weight, but it’s vulnerable to scratches. This glass desk is easy to assemble and is reasonably priced.

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