Best Genesect Moveset in Pokemon Go

Genesect's been out for a little bit, so here's some help.

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Genesect is one of Pokémon Go’s tier five raid targets. With his Douse Drive in hand, the Unova region can take on any enemy. 

The Paleozoic Pokémon first came to Pokémon Go in March 2020, later showcasing a Burn Drive at the start of 2021. This time around, Genesect has been able to showcase its new Douse Drive since it became available on Oct. 1

It’s not just any other Pokémon either. With its revamped new form, it hasn’t appeared in Pokémon Go before, so that’s something for Trainers to keep an eye on if they want to collect them all. 

As it stands, Genesect currently has many forms, each based on four possible drives that it shows in the original games. These are Shock Drive (electric), Burn Drive (fire), Chill Drive (ice), and the aforementioned Douse Drive (water). There are no specific drives in Pokémon Go, meaning that each Genesect has different versions in the game. 

Genesect was only available for players who bought a special pass, but now it is a raid target with only the non-drive version and the Douse Drive being available in Pokémon Go.

Best Genesect Moveset in Pokemon Go

It doesn’t matter what Genesect a Trainer has, because what we’ve found to be the best moveset is its Fury Cutter and its X-Scissor. This makes the Pokémon one of the best bug-types in the game. 

Trainers have until Oct. 12 to add this Genesect with its new moveset. Be it in PvP or PvE, Genesect is a great choice for any Trainer going on adventures.

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