Best free stream alerts in 2022

These alerts won't break the bank.

Image via Twitch

Alerts are a great way to spice up a livestream. Whenever a new follower, subscriber, or even a raid comes along, having an alert pop up on the screen is a great way to celebrate the occasion with your community. 

Stream alerts are also great for standing out in the vast sea of streamers out there. It’s a chance to get creative, show off your personality, or your brand. Or, it could just be something you think looks really, really cool. 

Alerts can be created from scratch, commissioned, or purchased, but if you don’t think you have the creative skillset to make your own or the budget to spend any money on them, there are still some free options out there to discover. 

Best free stream alerts


Since Streamlabs offers one of the widgets necessary for displaying stream alerts, many have had their first alerts be those of Streamlabs’. In addition to its default alerts, Streamlabs offers a lot of options and customization that many might not be aware of. 

Streamlabs theme library is filled with different alert themes for streamers to choose from. While its Prime-subscription grants access to the widest range of available themes, there are plenty of free options available at streamers’ disposal. 


StreamElements is an amazing resource for streamers out there, offering more than just alerts and overlays–It also has its own chatbot feature, loyalty system, and many other tools worth taking a look at. All alerts and themes available at StreamElements are completely free, and the free overlay editor helps you customize them to your liking. 

Another great thing about StreamElements is that it’s completely cloud-based, so you don’t have to worry about storing the theme files on your PC either.


For years now, NERD or DIE has focused on providing free resources for live streaming. What started as OBS and streaming tutorials on YouTube, has now evolved into an amazing resource for streamers, producing free and premium themes and overlays, and even tools to help creators make ones of their own. 

NERD or DIE has a library full of high-quality graphics with many free options. Its free overlay and panel makers along with other tools give creators an option to easily upgrade their stream while keeping things budget-friendly. It also provides guides and tutorials to help creators on their streaming journey. 

Visuals by Impulse

Visuals by Impulse is another great resource for taking your stream up to the next level. It offers a variety of professional-looking graphics for all budgets, and even for free. Stream alerts can be found in their own category, but also as part of the stream packages that are packed with every graphic asset, you might need. 

VBI has also created tools for streamers so they can make their own panels, transitions, or other animations to suit their brand. While some of the tools are free, some require credits that users have to purchase before being able to begin creating.


Streamspell was founded on a question many streamers might be asking themselves: “Is graphic design a good way to improve the quality of my content?” The answer, of course, is yes. 

Streamspell has created a massive library of high-quality stream graphics, such as animated alerts, overlays, and templates. Luckily, it offers a lot of amazing-looking resources for free as well. Streamers can choose from a wide range of available styles or submit a design request to make their vision come to life with the help of the Streamspell team.