Best deals on office chairs

Be it office-office or home office, grab the best seat for yourself.

best deals on office chairs

Office chairs are meant to deliver comfort for long working sessions (with a gaming break thrown in). The main goal is to protect your back and spine from fatigue and maintain your posture. At the same time, office chairs are ergonomic to help enhance your productivity.

With WFH becoming the norm, everyone is yearning for a sleek office setup – and chairs are an important component of your home office. To be productive, comfortable, and not get an achy back, you need to pick a suitable chair.

What to look for in an office chair

  • Upholstery: People living in hot, humid conditions should consider getting fabric and mesh for air ventilation. Meanwhile, PU and leatherette are easier to clean.
  • Armrests: Padded or not, your chair should have armrests to lightly rest your shoulders and arms.
  • Height adjustment: For optimum comfort, you need to adjust the chair’s height to suit yours.
  • Lumbar support: Pick a chair that curves according to your spine. This is important for your spine health, posture, and back support.
  • Seat depth and width: The depth of the seat should allow you to comfortably reach the backrest for the required back support. As for the width, the standard is 17 to 20 inches wide.
  • Backrest: Go for an adjustable backrest so you can tilt it back as per your requirement. For instance, for typing, you need a 90-degree backrest and for rest, you might want to tilt it to a 110-degree angle.
  • Swivel: If you need to move around your desk a lot to grab stuff, then a smooth swivel is a must.

Keeping these important features in mind, we have hand-picked some great deals on office chairs.

Amazon Basics Classic Puresoft

amazon basics puresoft
Image via Amazon Basics
If you’re looking for a no-nonsense chair with no fancy adjustments, then go for Amazon Basics’ classic office chair. Crafted from soft faux leather, the chair blends in well with all kinds of offices. The soft contours make your long working hours comfortable. The rolling caster wheels deliver smooth mobility at your workstation. You can adjust the seat’s height, tilt, and also tilt tension.

GTPLAYER gaming chair

Image via GTPLAYER
For a while, gaming chairs have been raging on the internet – and for good reasons. They’re ergonomic, comfortable, and look cool. They also come with dozens of adjustments which makes them flexible. GTPLAYER’s gaming-cum-office chair comes with a backrest that supports your neck, shoulders, and back. Its lumbar pillow has a built-in massager and retractable footrest for relaxation. With rich PU leather and high-density foam, GTPLAYER is a premium chair for your home office.

Office Star mesh back

Image via Office Stars
If you’re looking for breathable mesh upholstery and materials that don’t make you sweaty, then Office Stars’ chair is something you need to look at. The mesh chair has a mesh back with lumbar support, avoiding that sweaty, sticky feeling. Meanwhile, the seat is covered with breathable fabric. The backrest comes with tilt locks and you can also adjust the tilt tension. You can adjust the height with one touch. For extra comfort, the armrests are padded and can be flipped back to save space.

Gabrylly Ergonomic mesh office chair

Image via Gabrylly
If you live in humid conditions or sit for long hours without breaks, you need a mesh chair with adequate ventilation. Gabrylly’s chair has breathable mesh on the back as well as the seat. This provides sufficient ventilation and you won’t sweat much. The office chair also sports foldable arms that can save space near your desk. With built-in lumbar support, adjustable headrest, and tilting backrest, this chair is suitable for an office and home office.

FlexiSpot home workstation

Image via FlexiSpot
FlexiSpot offers an office chair with a twist. In fact, they offer a whole workstation that is part bike and part standing desk! You can exercise as you work, staying fit while working from home. The seat is height adjustable, so anyone can use it regardless of their height. Meanwhile, the desk is large enough to accommodate a laptop, a book, and your phone. The whole setup takes less than three minutes to assemble and is quite easy to put together. This is one chair where you WANT to sweat.

SIDIZ T50 home office desk chair

Image via SIDIZ
SIDIZ’s T50 office chair is highly customizable and lets you adjust it to deliver comfortable seating. It has a bunch of levers that you can adjust and mold the seat as per your comfort. You can adjust the depth of the seat, the armrests go three-way, the lumbar support can be adjusted in two ways, and you can adjust the headrest as well. The sleek chair has a forward tilt mechanism that helps you stay focused and productive.

While buying an office chair, remember that comfort comes before looks. Always consider your height before adding any random chair to your cart. Usually, an office chair rises 16 to 21 inches off the floor. At the appropriate height, your feet should be flat against the floor and your thighs parallel to the seat.

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