Best Blue Light Glasses for Gaming

Don't sucome to the dangers of blue light.

HyperX Blue Light
Image: HyperX

In the digital age, we’re constantly being bombarded by screens emitting unnatural light from our phones, computers, tablets, and the like.

The potential dangers of blue light are out there and continuing to evolve. Although the science behind how much blue light affects us is still being realized, short-term effects include headaches, dizziness, and fatigue that many of us know all too well. So, it’s advised to take frequent breaks from your screen throughout the day. That advice is even more true for gamers. Most games require constant, laser-focus attention, especially during fast-paced shooters, where you’re constantly scanning the screen for enemy movement. With everything going on, it’s not so easy to get up from your rig and take a five-minute break.

One great way to combat blue light is to invest in a pair of blue-light-blocking glasses. Blue light glasses feature tinted lenses that reduce the intensity of blue light reaching your eye, reducing overall eye strain and prolonging sessions.

How do blue light glasses work?

Blue light glasses work by reducing the amount of light that hits your eyes without distorting colors, reducing eye tension, and combating headaches. Their main advantage is preventing your eyes from being overexposed to blue light without changing in-game visual appeal (depending on the color of lens tint).

The best blue light glasses share key characteristics: build quality, design, protection, and customization options. Some builds are more dedicated to pure gaming, while others target a more well-rounded, casual approach.


KinoVision Blue Light
Image: Kinobody

KinoBody provides a solid pair of blue-light-blocking glasses in their KinoVision lineup around a $60 price mark. They’re comfortable, lightweight, and aesthetic. KinoVision is available in three distinct styles: Batemans, Kingsman, and Hughes. From curious on-lookers, KinoVision glasses offer no obvious evidence that they’re actually blue light glasses. They easily pass for everyday, casual prescription glasses, with only a slight tint that might give them away. Whether you’re gaming, scrolling through your phone, or surfing the web, KinoVision gets the job done, arriving in a durable carrying case for on-the-go usage. Lastly, KinoVision does a great job fitting into any environment without looking out of place, because of their casual, sleek, and everyday look. Although there are cheaper options on this list that do the trick, KinoVision offers a versatile approach to combating blue light.


Image: ElementsActive

If you’re not looking to remove the prescription glasses you’re currently wearing, ElementsActive provide the glasses for the job, constructing a pair of blue-light-blocking glasses that are large enough to fit right over most glasses with ease. For about $20, you’d be hard-pressed to find a cheaper pair that offer so much protection—the lenses are heavily tinted, ensuring next to no blue light is getting through (orange might not be for everyone). ElementsActive also offer a clip-on version of blue light blocking lenses, that ‘snap on’ to most pairs of prescription glasses. Albeit, they don’t flip up, needing to fully be detracted to be removed. For the cheap convenience of popping a pair of lenses over your pre-existing glasses, ElementsActive shouldn’t be overlooked.

Felix Gray Roebling

Image: Amazon

If you’re looking for an all-in-one approach to prescription glasses and blue light protection, Felix Gray Roebling have you covered. Felix Gray’s styles are customizable to your prescription, paired with a blue light filter, 100% UVA/UVB protection, and an anti-reflective coating that blocks glare. If style is essential to you, Felix Gray Roebling offer an aesthetic, two-tone blended color design, available in three frame colors. At a $100 price point, the Felix Gray Roebling are a strong recommendation for those who require prescription glasses and blue light protection tied into a neat package.

HyperX Gaming Eyewear

Image: Amazon

HyperX delivers a gamer-approved pair of blue-light-blocking glasses, the first of its kind from the California-based gaming company. The durable, acetate frame is hand-cut, meaning it’ll retain its vibrant black-to-red coloring fade design versus traditional, polycarbonate frames.

Despite no evidence of a tinted frame, there’s full blue light and UV protection, protecting gamers where it matters most, like combating eye strain from prolonged gaming sessions. Also, they’re designed to pair comfortably with most gaming headsets, slotting right above the ear and between the earcup. Although not cheap—reaching the $100 mark—a pair of blue light gaming glasses is sure to fit in nicely with most gaming setups. They also come in a durable carrying case, ready to go for the next LAN event.

GUNNAR Intercept


Retro, classic frames meet gamer-approved technology in the Gunnar Intercept blue-light-blocking glasses.

Gunnar Intercept offers a ton of customization, in both design and severity of lens tint. From Onyx: a blacked-out, sleek look, to Tortoise: a two-tone, blended-spotted design—there are five unique appearances to choose from. Also, the lens comes in four different levels of protection: 35, 65, 98, to Amber-React (a lens with two different tints that change depending on the environment). 35 offers discreet protection, compared to the latter 98, offering protection from nighttime screen usage—the harshed viewing environment for your eyes. For around $60, you’re getting a plethora of customization options, well-suited for gamers.


Image: Cyxus

Blue light isn’t the only thing that should be addressed. The Cyxus HEV-Absorbed Blue Light Glasses understand that, protecting against ultraviolet radiation and UV 400—on top of blue light protection. Also, lack of any visible tint means an unobstructed gaming experience, so you can play as if nothing was on your face to begin with.

With over a dozen style customizations and sizing choices, personalization is plentiful. Also, for under $20, you’re finding an excellent bargain. There’s also a lifetime warranty, a welcome sight given how low of a price you’re getting these for. For gamers uninterested in investing in a pair of glasses without all of the bells and whistles, Cyxus delivers at an incredibly low price.

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