Best bargain gaming chairs

Comfort doesn't have to come at a high cost.

Image via Vitesse

Gaming chairs continue to grow in popularity thanks to streaming and esports becoming more mainstream. Some of these chairs feature racing-style designs, while others are made to fit in with your living room decor. Whether you are a desktop gamer or a console gamer, there is probably a gaming chair that suits your needs.

This list is for cost-conscious gamers looking to pick up a gaming chair for a reasonable price. Lower-priced chairs come with some compromises, but there are some bargain chairs out there that deliver solid results, all for $100 and below.

JUMMICO Gaming Chair 

Image via JUMMICO

The JUMMICO gaming chair features a modified version of the popular racing-style game chair design that has become the trend over the past few years. While this chair isn’t as fully featured as a more expensive racing-style chair, it is an aesthetically pleasing gaming chair for its price. 

While this chair is definitely shooting for the racing-style aesthetic, the actual form factor is closer to a traditional desk chair. It lacks the distinctive shoulder cutouts and high back support typically featured on a racing-style chair. This chair is perfect for anyone looking for a gaming aesthetic without a full-on racing chair form factor. 

The armrests are padded and are comfortable to use, but they do not adjust beyond flipping up and down. Non-adjustable armrests can be a big drawback for PC gamers hoping to rely on their gaming chair to support their elbows and shoulders throughout gaming sessions.

You can purchase this chair in both Red and Blue variants.

As with many products on the lower end of the price range, the JUMMICO chair isn’t built to last. But this chair should last long enough to justify its very reasonable price tag. So if you are in the market for a colorful, budget gaming chair, this is a decent option.

YAHEETECH High Back Gaming Chair


The YAHEETECH High Back Gaming Chair provides many common features of a reliable gaming desk chair. It also brings a modern, stylish flair to its industrial design. 

This chair’s curved mesh back offers decent lumbar support while also allowing gamers to remain cool and comfortable throughout their gaming sessions. The high-back design helps support gamers’ necks and backs while they play. The seat and head cushion are both made of PU leather with a sponge padding that should remain comfortable for hours of gaming.

The armrests are the most disappointing element of this chair. They are not well padded, and they might be too low to support you while gaming. Whether you are playing games on a controller or with a mouse and keyboard, this chair’s armrests might not offer the best support.

You can purchase the YAHEETECH in three colors: brown, white, and orange. The YAHEETECH chair is a great choice for people who aren’t looking for a traditional gaming chair and don’t mind the lack of adjustable armrests.

Vitesse Gaming Chair


Image via Vitesse

The Vitesse Gaming Chair is a racing-style gaming chair that offers all of the best features found on more expensive racing-style chairs. If you are looking for a chair that looks and feels like a DXRacer for around $100, this is probably your best option.

This chair comes with a fully adjustable backrest, T-style armrests, and an extendable footrest. The surfaces are upholstered with PU leather made out to look like carbon fiber. All of this rests on a durable steel frame. 

Vitesse is so confident in the quality of their chair that they offer a full one-year warranty. If the chair gives you any issues, you can get it fixed or replaced for free.

There are several different color options for this chair, including blue, red, purple, black, gray, and teal. 

While all the chairs on this list are great in their own way, the Vitesse chair is the most gaming-centric option. If you are a hardcore mouse and keyboard gamer on a tight budget, consider investing in this chair. 

Homall Recliner Chair 

Image via Homall

Not all gamers are looking to play games at their desk. For console players looking for a more traditional recliner to sit on while playing games, the Homall Recliner Chair is a solid entry-level option.

With its theater seating look and feel, this recliner looks right at home in either a gaming room or a living room. Its upholstery is made of PU leather, and it comes in several colors, including red, brown, black, white, and gray.

The footrest featured in the Homall Recliner Chair is larger and more padded than the Vitesse footrest. While extended, the footrest is supported by a durable steel frame. You can also adjust the recline position of the backrest between 90, 120, and 180 degrees.

Keep in mind, this chair is on the small end and has a maximum capacity of only 265 pounds, so it won’t be right for everyone.

The Homall Recliner Chair is not going to replace a full recliner, but for less around $100, this chair manages to deliver a decent recliner experience.

Kealive Floor Gaming Chair

Image via Kealive

The Kealive floor gaming chair is another chair for the couch gamers out there. This casual, low-to-the-ground chair offers a perfect seat for living room gaming but comes in at the top of our price range.

This is the only product on this list that doesn’t use PU leather materials. Instead, the Kealive floor gaming chair is upholstered with breathable linen. The chair features an ergonomically designed backrest that is quite comfortable and supportive. 

When not in use, the back of this chair can be folded down to make it easier to store. While this can be a helpful feature, the folding mechanism sometimes activates when users lean too far forward. This isn’t a big deal considering the price, but it is one small flaw to note.

Much like the Homall Recliner, the Kealive looks right at home alongside standard home decor. While it can be fun to have a flashy gaming chair, they can look cheesy in a living room. This chair, on the other hand, should fit right in.

The Kealive floor gaming chair offers a stylish and comfortable place to sit while gaming for a reasonable price.

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