Best assassins in League of Legends: Wild Rift

If you see one of these champions, you may already be staring at the grey screen.

Riot Games’ mobile hit Wild Rift is slowly rolling out to more regions and devices throughout the world. Though the game may look like a simple port of League of Legends, Wild Rift was designed from scratch to make it compatible with almost all devices running Android and iOS.

This fresh start allowed Riot to go to great lengths while developing Wild Rift, like optimizing the controls for the smoothest gameplay experience. It’s going to take some time for Riot to balance and include all the champions in League’s squadron, but there are more than a handful of them available to make Wild Rift feel just like home.

Considering the Summoner’s Rift featured in Wild Rift is smaller than the PC version, there are more variables in play for Riot to adjust. Assassin champions tend to be an essential part of all the matches they’re in due to their ability to rotate and secure takedowns quickly. The smaller map in Wild Rift makes rotating around relatively easier since there will be less downtime spent running lane to lane.

Assassin champions could be considered less effective on the larger scale of things compared to League since one of them snowballing before the 10-minute-mark could be regarded as unfun for half of the lobby.

It doesn’t change the fact that they turn into absolute-machines in the right hands. Once you get a decent start in the early game, you’ll be able to dismantle an enemy team with the correct moves as an assassin in Wild Rift.

Here are the best assassin champions in League of Legends: Wild Rift.

S Tier


Screengrab via Riot Games

Any player with the slightest League experience will know what Zed is capable of as an assassin, but first-timers may find themselves getting lost against this almost impossible-to-catch assassin.

Zed can dish out absurd amounts of physical damage in the shortest timespan possible, which makes him a top candidate for neutralizing any threats on the enemy team. Catching a Zed who is handy with Living Shadow may turn into a real struggle since only a Zed player can understand what the enemy is thinking.

Playing this champion yourself will also be essential to understand how you should play against him. Though stacking this much physical damage turns Zed into a decent auto-attacker as well, you should always take your time to wait for your spells’ cooldowns. Walking into a skirmish without your mobility tools may turn you into a sitting duck, and you’ll be more useful to your team by singling out important targets during their weakest moments.

Master Yi

Master Yi – Screengrab via Riot Games

Mostly played in the jungle, Master Yi is one of the champions that benefitted from the smaller map of Wild Rift. The main problem that Master Yi players faced in League was deciding when to farm and gank, but Wild Rift’s more compact nature makes sure that you have enough time for both.

Master Yi’s self-sustaining nature will allow him to perform ganks after ganks with a full health bar, and you’ll never fall behind in farm, unless your attempts in assassinations end badly.

Though you may feel untouchable while playing Master Yi, you can quickly get burst down if you get chain-stunned by crowd controlling abilities. Make sure to identify your threats before marching into a fight.

A Tier


Akali – Screengrab via Riot Games

Most assassins have their own ways of getting in and out of fights. Though Akali isn’t an exception, her mobility tools create the most amount of chaos in teamfights.

Akali’s Twilight Shroud allows her to cast a smoke cloud that lasts for 5.5 seconds and restore some of her energy. She’ll become invisible while standing below this cloud and gain 25 percent movement speed in the process.

This allows Akali to take her time to refresh after picking up a kill without even leaving a fight. It can be used to dodge any single-target spells when you feel like you’re about to get focused down, but you’ll need to dodge area-of-effect (AoE) spells.

In matches where you have a sizable lead with Akali, even casting Twilight Shroud before engaging in a fight will be enough to scare off enemies, making it an excellent tool to secure objectives like Baron Nashor.


Evelynn – Screengrab via Riot Games

Though assassins possess enough damage-outputting tools to make them considerable threats, it all comes to how they position themselves. It’ll be quite challenging to take down an ADC champion hiding behind an Alistar but not impossible if you know which angle to approach from.

Evelynn’s passive grants her Camouflage after level five, a form of invisibility that allows her to gank lanes without getting detected. Evelynn will still be seen when in line of sight, however, meaning you’ll need to make sure you don’t get caught before you’re ready to strike.

The same passive also grants her health regeneration, making her one of the safer assassins to farm with. You’ll always be able to regenerate your health in-between ganks and jungle camps, allowing you to capitalize on your lead even further. 


Fizz – Screengrab via Riot Games

Fizz’s mobility tools may look slightly underwhelming compared to the other assassin champions in Wild Rift, but he makes up for it with his damage output.

Fizz’s two mobility-focused spells allow him to perform maneuvers around a relatively smaller range, but all of his dashed and jumps are empowered with decent damage bonuses. Considering one of them empowers Fizz’s next auto-attack and the other one applies on-hit effects while casting, Fizz’s combo suddenly becomes one of the most dangerous ones available on the map.

With a decent amount of farm, you’ll be able to take down any primary targets that you can get to cast your ultimate on, while supports champions will get one-shot as you start jumping around a fight.

B Tier


Ahri – Screengrab via Riot Games

While Ahri’s primarily categorized as a mage, her kit allows her to transition into an assassin without any trouble. Her damage output can still be considered as burst, but it definitely takes more time for her to bring down tankier targets.

She’s easier to pick up and play than other assassins due to her ultimate that grants her three dashes. Spirit Rush allows Ahri to close any distance between her and the enemy and makes it possible to make mistakes. Worst case scenario, you’ll always have a dash left to try and get back to safety.

Alternatives to assassin champions

The following champions aren’t categorized primarily as assassins in Wild Rift, but their ability to put out immense levels of burst damage makes them considerable candidates.

Some lack mobility, while others prefer going for alternative builds that turn them into fighters. Prioritizing their damage output with your item build will allow the following champions to scale as deadly assassins throughout a Wild Rift match.

You’ll need to pay more attention to your positioning and focus more on playing with your team since you will need some level of help in the form of crowd-controlling abilities. Pulling off a chain of takedowns will be gradually more challenging, but mastering them can allow you to have a dominant laning stage, which can be a deciding point in most Wild Rift matches. 

  • Annie
  • Lee Sin
  • Yasuo
  • Fiora
  • Twisted Fate

Champions with reliable burst damage sources can be played as assassins by positioning yourself correctly and itemizing to favor mobility alongside damage output. If your main champion isn’t on this list but you’ve been playing them more like an assassin throughout your Wild Rift career, you should have a relatively easier time while picking up characters that are categorized as assassins.

Considering more champions will be added to Wild Rift in the future, the pool of available Assassins will grow, making this list even more competitive than it is right now.