Baron Throws Everywhere: NA LCS Week 4, Day 2 Recap

Today's matches featured FQ vs P1, TSM vs NV, EF vs CLG and IMT vs TL.

For the most part, today’s games had no real noteworthy matchups, aside from the opening match featuring Phoenix1 and FlyQuest. Not only was it a great precursor to FLY’s match tomorrow against Cloud9, but it was also FLY’s first series against one of the top three NA LCS teams.

FlyQuest 2-0 Phoenix1

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FlyQuest started this series with a great comeback victory in game one. Losing in the macro game to Phoenix1, FLY were in a huge deficit by the time the mid game came around. But FLY were able to withstand P1’s relentless Baron empowered push, bringing the game out until the point when everyone had six items. Despite the huge gold lead that Phoenix1’s Noh “Arrow” Dong-hyeon had over FLY’s Johnny “Altec” Ru, Arrow’s lethality Varus was simply outscaled by Altec’s Ezreal. From the brink of defeat, FLY brought the game back to take the first game win of the series.

Shoring up their early game mistakes, FLY absolutely destroyed P1 in game two. Gaining an early lead off a teamfight in the first 10 minutes of the game, FLY proceeded to further and further what was only a 1000 gold lead. P1 got so far behind that it was almost impossible for them to get back into the game. FLY quickly ran through P1’s base to take game two in quite decisive fashion.

Team SoloMid 2-0 Team EnVyUs

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Team Solomid had complete control of game one. Finding a lead through better macro play, TSM grew further ahead with better teamfighting than Team EnVyUs. Grabbing the Baron with Ivern’s Brushmaker, TSM rushed down the bot lane to end the game.

Game two was quite close for the most part. Good plays from EnVyUs in combination with misplayed engages from TSM gave EnVyUs a respectable gold lead. Missed Shen taunts from Kevin “Hauntzer” Yarnell allowed EnVyUs to counter plays from TSM, through turret or player kills. EnVyUs really lost their lead at the Baron. Despite securing the buff, EnVyUs lost three members in the following teamfight. With the man advantage, TSM managed to secure two inhibitors, giving them the lead. Using their lead to then take the Elder Drake, TSM beat EnVyUs in one more teamfight to end the game and series.

Echo Fox 2-0 Counter Logic Gaming

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Game one started really well for Counter Logic Gaming. Finding picks and straight up beating Echo Fox in the first few teamfights, CLG was set up for success. CLG lost their lead after they lost one single teamfight in the mid game. EF, now powered up with the Baron buff, tore through CLG’s turrets. CLG were able to come back in this game after getting the Baron. Seeing that they couldn’t defend against CLG’s siege, EF decided to start a base race. CLG recognized they were slower than EF tried to recall, but it was too late, and EF took the game.

A resounding teamfight win early in game two gave EF a huge lead. Holding onto their lead, EF pressured CLG across the map. A well-played teamfight at the Baron pit allowed EF to take the buff, which would be the final nail in the coffin. CLG couldn’t withstand EF’s buffed up enemies, and lost game two and the series.

Immortals 2-0 Team Liquid

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An early teamfight in game one resulted in a four-for-one trade in favor of Immortals. Immortals used this early lead to secure many kills. By the 20-minute mark, Team Liquid only had one kill and was down 6,000 gold. Despite this deficit, TL managed to sneak a Baron off a sacrifice from Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin. Even with the Baron, though, TL were still not able to withstand the push from Immortals, losing in an extremely fast 29 minutes.

TL were in total control of the first half of game two. Better macro play resulted in a greatly needed lead for TL. Like many other games today, however, TL threw their lead at the Baron pit. Losing a very winnable teamfight, TL basically gifted IMT the Baron. Now with the lead, IMT took full control of the game. Winning every following teamfight, IMT could easily end the game, finding their first 2-0 week.

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Article by Malcolm Abbas. Follow him on Twitter @SmashhLoL.