Apex streamer accidentally curses at his mom while streaming

"Oh, wait, are you my mom?"

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Almost everyone has a story about inadvertently cursing in front of their parents. And apparently, not even pro players and streamers are immune to that fate.

Apex Legends pro Mitchell “Bird” Guernica found himself in an unusual situation during a Twitch stream after responding to a comment in his chat.

In the middle of a particularly-heated Apex match laden with profanity on Bird’s end, viewer winetime1965 left a comment that simply said “Mother here, watch your language.”

Bird’s reply came off as standoffish “The fuck? Fuck you.” Seconds later, however, the streamer realized that winetime1965 was in fact his mother, who decided to watch him play for a bit. “Are you actually my mom?” he asked, bursting into laughter after getting an affirmative response.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that,” the pro sheepishly said. “I’m sorry, mother, I love you.”

After realizing his mistake, a disconcerted Bird apologized profusely to his mother. “You need to warn me first, you know?” He asked the chat to be on their best behavior in the presence of the unexpected guest.

Bird’s mother seemed to accept her son’s apologies and told him to “go get some good kills” in a motherly fashion.

Bird is signed to SpaceStation Gaming’s Apex Legends team. Formerly, he played Overwatch professionally for Northern Gaming Red and was on NRG’s Realm Royale roster.