Apex Legends player shows off slick moves in clean getaway during Nmplol’s stream

His mobility was key.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has seen quite a resurgence on Twitch as of late due to many of the platform’s biggest stars hopping back onto the game.

With the spotlight on the battle royale, it was up to fellow streamer Taxi2g to perform during Nmplol’s recent stream. Luckily, he showcased some of the best movement and slick escape skills in the game.

After Nmp and another team member were gunned down, all the pressure was on Taxi2g to recover their banners and keep the team in the battle. This task would seem quite difficult given the enemy team watching the banners. With quick movement and some stealth skills, however, Taxi managed to keep the team alive.

While the escape looked unlikely at first, Taxi quickly showed off some tricks by climbing to the top of a structure away from the sight of his pursuers. Once he’d seen them enter the building, it was time to swoop in for the recovery.

Using Horizon’s boosting ability and the various jump pads located around the map, Taxi was able to make a swift escape, floating from boost to boost until he was out of danger with the banner in hand.

With this, the downed teammates were brought back and Taxi’s team set out to win the game. Ultimately, the team would be gunned down shortly after and take eighth place, but the loss didn’t take away from the exceptional movement showcased earlier in the game.