Apex Legends Mobile introduces Fade, the first mobile legend

He gives Wraith a run for her money with his void tech.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Mobile has introduced Fade, its first exclusive legend.

Fade, also known as the Phasing Punisher, is a highly mobile fighter who boosts his own movement potential while decreasing enemies’. He’s also excellent at preventing third-party situations and isolating teammates and enemies to help the former and destroy the latter.

For the time being, Fade will be exclusive to Apex Legends Mobile and will not appear in console or PC versions of Apex. There are currently no plans to bring Fade to PC and console, according to Respawn Entertainment, mostly due to his mobile-specific nature. Fade has, however, been extensively balanced against existing legends to prevent him from being broken or overpowered.

Fade’s passive, Slipstream, grants him a short movement speed buff after sliding across the ground. Unlike most other legends’ passives, Slipstream has a cooldown that lasts 10 seconds. His tactical, Flash Back, acts very similarly to Tracer’s Recall in Overwatch. After a short channel, Fade is sent into the void and teleported back to his location from two seconds prior. His weapons are reloaded and he becomes temporarily invulnerable during the teleport.

Fade’s ultimate, Phase Chamber, is what grants him most of his anti-third party potential. Fade throws out a phase cage projectile with a large dome area of effect. When it activates after a moment’s time, all friendly and enemy legends within are sent to the void, slowing their movement speed and pinpointing their location on Fade’s HUD. Phase Chamber can be used to protect an ally by shielding them from damage and crowd control or isolate an enemy for easy elimination.

Fade also has his own lore that intersects with that of other legends. His real name is Ignacio Huamani and he entered the games to get revenge for his family, who was attacked and killed by mercenaries after hunting for high-tech legacies. While he hates and fears the powerful Phase suit that he wears in the Games, he knows it’s the only way to propel himself to victory and find his family’s killers.

Fade will be available in Apex Legends Mobile when it launches worldwide tomorrow, May 17.