Apex Legends Global Series commentators don’t realize they are live on stream

The pair of commentators were not prepared to go live.

Image via EA

During the Apex Legends Global Series event, a transition to two of the broadcast’s unsuspecting commentators caused an awkward moment.

After a few seconds of silence and both commentators looking off-screen, Raynday giggled after realizing they were, in fact, live. He said they had been caught in the middle of an “at-home broadcast” moment as his co-host GuhRL began to realize that she too was live on the broadcast.

Currently, due to the COVID restrictions in place, the Apex Legends Global Series is being held remotely with commentators joining in via video from their homes. Given this situation, it’s no surprise a slip up like this occurred at some point during the tournament broadcast.

Apex is streaming the Global Series Autumn Circuit Regional championship on its Twitch channel now, with the tournament being held completely online. The Regional qualifiers began on October 5 and will continue until Playoffs begin on Dec. 19.