Anniversary event and new battle pass coming to Call of Duty: Mobile tonight

The game is celebrating its first anniversary.

Image via Activision

One day after the release of Call of Duty: Mobile‘s season 11, the anniversary event and new battle pass are set to be added to the game later today.

The update is scheduled to hit the live servers today at 7pm CT. It shouldn’t require any maintenance, though, since it was included in the patch that introduced the latest season.

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Part of the new season’s content was released yesterday with the season 11 update, including the new game mode Cranked where players must kill numerous enemies in a short amount of time with several stats boosted to increase the pace. Players will self-destruct if they aren’t able kill enemies quick enough.

A new ranked season also made its way to the game with new rewards featuring epic skins from a calling card to a charm and frame.

The battle pass for season 11 will feature the new Fennec submachine gun, the Advanced UAV scorestreak, exclusive skins, and more content.

The new map from Modern Warfare, King, the NA-45 weapon from Advanced Warfare, as well as various new features that are still a secret are set to drop throughout the season, too.

In addition, the highly-anticipated one-year anniversary event will kick off with a new game mode as a surprise, as well as other challenges and rewards that fans can expect.

The anniversary event and the new battle pass of CoD: Mobile‘s season 11 are set to hit the live servers today at 7pm CT.