All Hoopa’s Arrival event-exclusive Field Research tasks and rewards in the Pokémon Go

A few extra items for your troubles.

Image via Niantic | Remixed by Cale Michael

The Season of Mischief is in full swing for Pokémon Go players, which means Hoopa is here and causing all kinds of problems for people and Pokémon alike with his own event, Hoopa’s Arrival. The first new event for the season. Despite lasting only one day, the event will properly introduce the Mythical Pokémon into the game.

To encounter Hoopa, you will need to complete a portion of the season-long Misunderstood Mischief Special Research. The Hoopa’s Arrival event also has its own set of event-exclusive research and a new Collection Challenge for players who are looking for more to do.

If you plan on tackling all of the content available in the single-day event, you can breeze through the new Field Research as long as you are active in catching Pokémon in pursuit of Hoopa. Here are all of the research tasks and rewards for you to finish the Research.

Event-exclusive Field Research

  • Catch five Pokémon
    • Five Poké Balls
    • Five Great Balls
    • Five Ultra Balls
  • Catch 10 Pokémon 
    • 10 Ultra Balls
  • Catch 50 Pokémon 
    • Two Rare Candies

In addition to the Field Research, players will also have rotating hours of Psychic, Ghost, and Dark-Type Pokémon from 11am to 5pm local time. Though it won’t increase the chances of finding Shinies, players can still luck into Shiny versions of some Pokémon during the event.