All Call of Duty Mobile season start and end dates

Seasons will go by like you're binge-watching a TV show.

Image via Activision

The level of competition in Call of Duty: Mobile tends to be high. Players looking to prove their skill against others strive to place higher in the leaderboard and secure their ranks amongst the best CoD: Mobile players.

With seasons coming and going, players earn rewards based on their performance, while their ranks get reset. This allows players to relive the ranked grind and see if they still have what it takes to reach their rank from the previous seasons.

A simple ranked reset also allows newer players to blend in with the ranked environment since they’ll have room to make mistakes. Even if they perform badly throughout a season, they’ll have the comfort of starting from scratch in the next one.

CoD: Mobile seasons generally last around a month, and each comes with its own unique name. Here are all the start and end dates for all CoD: Mobile seasons.

The 2020 seasons

SeasonSeason nameStart date
Season oneSeason oneOct. 1, 2019
Season twoSeason twoNov. 25, 2019
Season threeThe Future Is HereJan. 16, 2020
Season fourRise of SoapMarch 1, 2020
Season fiveSteel LegionApril 1, 2020
Season sixOnce Upon A Time In RustMay 1, 2020
Season sevenRadioactive AgentJune 12, 2020
Season eightThe ForgeJuly 10, 2020
Season nineConquestAug. 16, 2020
Season 10The HuntSept. 10, 2020
Season 11AnniversaryOct. 15, 2020
Season 12Going DarkNov. 11, 2020
Season 13Winter WarDec. 22, 2020

The 2021 seasons

SeasonSeason nameStart date
Season oneNew OrderJan. 27, 2021
Season twoDay of ReckoningMarch 11, 2021
Season threeTokyo EscapeApril 17, 2021
Season fourSpurned & BurnedMay 27, 2021
Season fiveIn Deep WaterJune 29, 2021
Season sixThe HeatJuly 30, 2021
Season sevenElite of the EliteAug. 26, 2021
Season eight2nd AnniversarySept. 23, 2021
Season nineNightmareOct. 21, 2021
Season 10Shadows ReturnNov. 18, 2021
Season 11Final SnowDec. 17, 2021

Though the average duration of a season is around a month, the end date can always be delayed depending on the developer’s schedules. If content for the new season isn’t ready yet, players may need to wait a few additional weeks for the new season.