Albralelie’s Apex Legends streaming setup: Headset, mouse, keyboard, and more

"Whoa, what a rush!"

Image via Prime Gaming

Mac “Albralelie” Beckwith is an American Apex Legends content creator for TSM FTX.

Albralelie is a Twitch streamer with more than 450,000 followers. He is also a skilled competitor, with many top-eight finishes and two S-tier tournament wins. Currently, Albralelie plays as a stand-in for Cloud 9, along with Zachmazer and StayNaughty.

Here’s Albralelie’s setup for Apex Legends.


Logitech G Pro X

Image via Logitech
Image via Logitech

Built with an emphasis on comfort and durability, the G Pro X headset provides a comfortable experience while playing for long hours. The headset comes with two memory foam ear cups wrapped in either leatherette or velour. The velour ear cups work well with glasses but offer less passive noise isolation.

With voice filters that reduce noise and add compression and de-essing, the detachable mic produces clean audio for clear communication. The mic de-emphasizes bass, meaning people with deeper voices may sound distorted and quiet.

To help players locate enemies, the G Pro X uses surround sound technology to help differentiates audio cues based on their proximity. The 50-millimeter drivers produce accurate sound over a wide range of frequencies and high-fidelity bass. As a bonus, users gain access to EQ profiles tuned by esports professionals.


Logitech G Pro X Superlight

Image via Logitech

Albralelie uses the Logitech G Pro X Superlight. This mouse is used by many professional esports players from various scenes. Logitech designed this mouse in collaboration with several top esports pros.

Weighing 63 grams, the Pro X Superlight stands out for its lightweight build. This mouse is one of the lightest non-honeycomb mice out there. It doesn’t sacrifice size or comfort to achieve this weight, either. The 125 by 63.5 by 40-millimeter (LxWxH) mouse fits most hands, regardless of grip style.

The Pro X Superlight’s HERO 25K sensor has a maximum resolution of 25,600 DPI and a 400 IPS tracking speed. Logitech set the polling rate at the industry standard of 1,000Hz.

With constant motion, the battery life on this wireless mouse lasts for 70 hours.


Logitech G Pro X

Image via Logitech

With hot-swappable switches, programmable macros, and adjustable backlighting, the G Pro X Mechanical Keyboard is built for customization.

Users can swap out the GX Blue CLicky, Red Linear, and Brown Tactile switches to customize the keyboard’s feel to experiment with different feedback styles. GX Blues give an audible click, GX Reds are quiet and smooth, and GX Browns are quiet with a soft bump.

Using Logitech’s G Hub software, players can customize the keyboard with macros on the F keys and personalized RGB lighting and animations. The keyboard also has onboard memory to save customizations across computers.

Measuring 6.02 by 14.2 by 1.3 inches, this TKL keyboard fits any desk at the cost of the numpad.

Mouse pad 

Logitech G640 TSM Edition

Image via Logitech

Measuring 15.75 by 18.11 inches (LxW), the G640 mousepad is ideal for players who play at low sensitivities. The moderate-to-low-friction surface offers a fast glide for mice. The large mouse pad can be difficult to use for those with little desk space.

At three millimeters thick, the rubber base of the mouse pad prevents the mouse pad from sliding around. The cloth surface stretches across the mouse pad, and there is no seam at the edges.

Logitech tested the G640 using G Series mice, effectively tuning the mouse pad to its sensors, according to the official product page.


Alienware AW2521H

Image via Dell

With a 360Hz refresh rate, the AW2521H is a fast, 24.5-inch monitor with an IPS panel and low response time. The monitor excels in speed at the cost of some video quality, with a 1080p resolution and a low contrast ratio. But the high framerate can give competitive players a slight advantage, making the downsides worthwhile for a player like Albralelie.

With 0.3-inch bezels, the AW2521H works well in a multi-monitor setup. The stand takes up 10.3 by 18.3 inches of desk space, and the height adjusts through five inches. The monitor has a narrow swivel and tilt function, though.

The monitor also has RGB lighting on the back that can be customized using the monitor’s interface.


NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080

Image via NVIDIA

Apex Legends is a graphically intensive game, but an RTX 3080 is more than enough to run it efficiently. 

At its highest settings, the game runs at around 200-250fps at 1080p on the RTX 3080. Lowering the settings between medium and high can also give a consistent 360fps, which is ideal when paired with a monitor like Albralelie’s.

Streaming doesn’t take much from a GPU, but having a fast GPU to play at higher settings gives viewers a higher quality stream. Considering livestream platforms, like Twitch, have a maximum framerate of 60fps, viewers can watch Apex Legends at maximum settings with a stable frame rate on a stream that uses an RTX 3080. 


Intel Core i9-10900K

Image via Intel

A computer needs a capable CPU to stream a game on maximum settings with high frame rates. A performance CPU is needed to reduce stream latency and improve a PC’s multitasking capability. With a fast CPU, livestreams of games like Apex Legends stay at high quality with stable frames. 

Albralelie’s CPU is a 10-core i9-10900K. Being one of the fastest desktop processors out there, the i9-10900K can stream Apex Legends without any issues. However, this CPU is expensive, and many cheaper CPUs can still stream Apex Legends at the highest settings without issue, especially when paired with Albralelie’s RTX 3080.