Aimbotcalvin drops 109 kills and loses in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta

Prioritizing kills over objectives is a one-way ticket to the “Defeat” screen.

Image via Activision

Popular Overwatch streamer Calvin “aimbotcalvin” Chau may have made history—for better or worse.

During the streamer’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta broadcast yesterday, aimbotcalvin racked up 109 kills and still lost the game.

The streamer had 109 kills, seven deaths, and a kill-death ratio of 15.6 while playing Ground War, a 32-vs-32 mode. The runner-up in kills had 40, 69 less than aimbotcalvin.

“Imagine having my kills, right, and then we lose,” the streamer said.

As unbelievable of a feat as it was, aimbotcalvin and his team likely lost for not prioritizing objectives over kills. The Ground War match requires players to capture locations to earn points for the amount of time that the location is held. Even though chasing kills may indirectly help your team by lessening the resistance, it’s not the point of the game.

Modern Warfare’s open beta ended today with the official release scheduled for Oct. 25.

Aimbotcalvin began his streaming career by playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive, but rose in popularity by broadcasting Overwatch. Fans can watch aimbotcalvin on his Twitch channel where he regularly streams.