Adam’s D.Va heroics put ORDER ahead

Three clutch moves in a row helped ORDER take the Australian Contenders championship.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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In professional Overwatch, off-tanks are routinely underappreciated for their contributions to a team. If a D.Va player is doing their job, they’re quietly protecting teammates and absorbing damage. During the grand finals of Overwatch Contenders Australia, ORDER’s Adam “Adam” Soong showed how the heroics of an off-tank can change the course of an entire map. 

ORDER and Mindfreak Gaming faced off in the grand finals and King’s Row was one of the most highly-contested maps. Mindfreak managed to take all three points of the Hybrid map in overtime, so ORDER had to complete the map to stay competitive. Despite making good time on the first two points, ORDER faced resistance when approaching the final point. 

The only ultimate available to ORDER was DPS Dale “Signed” Tang’s Symmetra Photon Barrier, which was no match for the two ultimates Mindfreak had available. Mindfreak DPS Christopher “August” Norgrove readied himself to get another one of his signature multi-kill Reaper Death Blossoms to end ORDER’s push. But Adam had something to say about that. 

As August targeted ORDER’s support line in the high ground, Adam completely denied the Death Blossom by absorbing the ultimate with D.Va’s Defense Matrix. Mindfreak still had a Mei Blizzard from Elliot “Addy” Dune, which would’ve instantly ended ORDER’s overtime push. As Addy threw the Blizzard, Adam swooped in to also absorb the ultimate with his Defense Matrix. As if this wasn’t enough, Adam proceeded to throw his Self-Destruct in the air and get a final kill on one of Mindfreak’s support players. 

Because of Adam’s finesse as D.Va, ORDER were able to avoid two massively-destructive ultimates and finish King’s Row. Neither team made any progress on the second round of King’s Row, making the map a draw. This was fine for ORDER, who later went on to win the Australian Contenders championship with a 4-0 score against Mindfreak.