A new NVIDIA bundle gives players a free copy of Rainbow Six Siege with graphics card purchase

Get ready for a lot of new players.

Image via Ubisoft

Players thinking about purchasing a graphics card have a new incentive to go with NVIDIA. Anyone who purchases an eligible GeForce graphics card will receive a PC Digitial Download of Rainbow Six Siege Gold Edition as part of the new Frames Win Games GeForce RTX bundle. 

The new bundle is available with the purchase of an eligible GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, 2080 SUPER 2080, 2080, 2070 SUPER, 2070, 2060 SUPER, or 2060 GPU-equipped graphics card. Each of these graphics cards should have little trouble running Siege at 144 frames per second and are solid choices for most PC builds. 

The Gold Edition of Rainbow Six Siege includes the 16 base operators, various exclusive uniforms and cosmetics, and the Year 5 Season Pass. The Pass gives players access to another six operators launching during 2020. It also grants VIP boosts, such as a five-percent renown bonus, which will allow players to unlock cosmetics and other operators quickly. 

Siege recently reached 60 million players across all platforms and continues to attract new players daily. The game features a unique tactical experience that makes each round exciting and fun. It also has a healthy and thriving esports scene for fans and players to enjoy. 

The Frames Win Games Bundle will be available until Thursday, Aug. 27, so anyone considering this option has a few weeks to decide. More information on the bundle can be found on NVIDIA’s website