A look at the teams for ESL One Cologne: Part 2 – Immunity.

A look at the teams for ESL One Cologne: Part 2 - Immunity

Since the groups for ESL One Cologne has come up since part 1, then the next team will be from the same group more specific the ‘other’ Aussies: Immunity.



While I was aware that there was more teams in the Oceanic region the only team I could name was Vox Eminor, however, at FACEIT League 2015 Stage 1 we were introduced to yet another team: Immunity.

At FACEIT they ended in the same group as FNATIC, Ninjas in Pyjamas and Liquid. Their first bo3 was against the Ninjas who beat them 16:5 (Inferno), 16:14 (Dust2) where they on Dust2 almost made a comeback from 11:4 to 16:14. Next game was against Liquid where Immunity was able to secure a win with 8:16 (Inferno), 16:13 (Cache), 16:14 (Mirage) while both maps were close, one thing that was a common thing for both teams on Mirage was an abysmal performance as T due to mistake after mistake. Again they met the Ninjas who crushed them utterly 16:3 (Dust2), 16:4 (Mirage). As their first international event against some of the best European teams it was a decent performance, but it also showed that Immunity had quite a few mistakes to iron out.

While being in Europe the Australians tried to qualify for DreamHack Tours in the open qualifiers, however, they were beaten 16:12 on Mirage by the French team beGenious who wasn’t viewed as a the third or even fourth best team in France.

Their last European event was GFINITY Masters Spring 2, to which they had been invited with 9 other teams who was: EnVyUs, Ninjas In Pyjamas, Natus Vincere, FNATIC, Titan, Virtus.pro, Vox Eminor, Cloud9 and Liquid.
During the period from the FACEIT event the team had been in Europe, and with the scrimming against European teams they might have gotten the experience in terms of style and meta-game to put up more of a fight against the teams. However, their group contained Cloud9, EnVyUs, Viruts.pro and Titan, where they first played Cloud9 to whom they lost 16:2 (Train), 16:6 (Cache), it was a slaughter and on Train they had started as CT, but only managed to put up 2 rounds.
Their next match was against Titan who won 19:17 (Mirage), 16:1 (Inferno) while it was a decent performance on Mirage their Inferno was severely lacking.

The other French players from EnVyUs continued the slaughter from Inferno, and decimated Immunity 16:2 (Cache), 16:3 (Dust2). Their last match was against the Poles from Virtus.pro, who also handed them a solid beating 16:7 (Cache), 16:4 (Mirage).
It was a very poor performance at GFINITY, however, it must be said it was mainly their T side where they had major issues with handling the defenses of the top European teams.
The GFINITY event was from the 15th-17th May, and since that there haven’t been a lot of matches to judge them by.



This is not an impressive amount maps played, however, they did also come second at the Australian Cyber League 2015: Sydney where the winner was the former Vox Eminor, who had changed organization to Renegades.

While they most likely are the second strongest team in the Oceanic Region, they are still quite far behind a rising North America and European scene. Their display at FACEIT and GFNINTY didn’t show a team who had an insanely skilled lineup of individuals, nor did it show a tactical team who had the capability to adjust on the fly as well as outsmart their opponents. Considering the other 15 teams it is fairly obvious that Immunity is most likely the weakest team who is participating, and they get their strongest map against an underperforming and underestimating opponent I doubt they will win a map.

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