A catastrophe: Forsen runs into game-breaking bug while playing Stray

That did not end well.

Screengrab via Daniil1288

Some games are known for game-breaking bugs, especially when they come out. And a few of those glitches can appear on streams of popular content creators, like Forsen, who recently broke Stray.

The Swede was enjoying Annapurna Interactive’s title live and encountered a bug that forced him to return to the last checkpoint. And in his iconic fashion, he didn’t become mad but did what he always does in situations like these: he simply laughed it off.

Forsen was exploring Seamus’ apartment, which indicates he was playing through chapter six of the story. Like with a lot of things in Stray, the player at that moment needs to interact with items in the room so the story may move forward. And that’s exactly what Forsen was doing.

After poking a few things here and there, however, the streamer had an unpleasant glitch, which threw the unnamed cat-protagonist out of the map. “I found secret lab,” Forsen said when the bug occurred, which is one of the points of the story in chapter six in Stray. Nevertheless, he calmly reloaded the latest checkpoint and continued with the story.

Stray has been widely enjoyed by players, critics, and many content creators live. The game has boasted great results so far, being for example called the best-rated title on Steam in 2022, overtaking games like God of War. Overall, 98 percent of the game’s reviews on the platform are positive. We called it a “no-brainer” purchase in our July 18 review.