A Brief History – Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider

Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider first came into League of Legends during Season 1, but he finished paving his way into the competitive scene in Season 2, where he peaked at 2.8k elo.

Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider first came into League of Legends during Season 1, but he finished paving his way into the competitive scene in Season 2, where he peaked at 2.8k elo. His solo queue endeavors were what earned him a spot on Team Acer, a team participating in the Season 3 LCS Qualifier. Sadly, Amazing would fail to qualify this year and it wasn’t until 2014, that we would get to see the German jungler show off his skill against the best of Europe.

After the departure of Ilyas “Shook” Hartsema from Copenhagen Wolves, Amazing found himself taking Shook’s place on the team. Along with fellow star player, Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou, Amazing qualified for the LCS under the Wolves’ banner by defeating Meet Your Makers 3-1. During this split, Amazing was regarded as a Top 3 jungler in Europe, being comparable to the likes of  Danil “Diamond” Reshetnikov and Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen. However, despite his stellar performance during the split, the Copenhagen Wolves would take 6th place in the playoffs, losing to Gambit Gaming 2-1. This dropped Amazing and his team into the relegation tournament, where they would take on Denial eSports.

After Amazing and his team convincingly earned their spot in the LCS once again, he would receive an offer most would not refuse. He traveled to North American to join Team Solomid. Amazing had big shoes to fill, as he was replacing fan favorite Brian “TheOddOne” Wyllie after his retirement. After infamously getting banned out by Cloud 9 in his first game, Amazing recieved a quite a bit of criticism from the community regarding his champion pool. This would continue, along with Solomid’s poor performance, until near the end of the split. Amazing and his team would pick up their game and end the split with a 16-12 record. They had earned their spot in playoffs, and it is there that he and his team would be crowned the 2014 North American Champions after beating their rivals, Cloud 9, in a 3-2 set.

Team Solomid would be grouped with Star Horn Royal Club, SK Gaming, and Taipei Assassins. In this group, Amazing would face some of the best junglers at the tournament, including the famous Choi “inSec” In-seok, the namesake of the Lee Sin technique involving the swift use of the champion’s kit to kick an enemy towards your team. Solomid would have a few embarrassing losses to SK Gaming and Royal Club, but they would take 2nd in their group and advance to the quarterfinals. There they would lose to Samsung White 3-1, and drop out of the tournament. Samsung White would later go on to the tournament.

Following the World Championship, Amazing would leave Solomid, citing that he felt he did not fit the team’s playstyle and he wasn’t comfortable being so far from his family. Rumors circulated about him joining the newly acquired Meet Your Makers or the expansion tournament side, H2K. But Amazing would remain teamless for about two months,until he joined by Season 1 World Champion, Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martínez’s new team, Origen.

Origen is a team stacked with talent. Legendary solo laners, incredibly dangerous bot lane, and a mechanically strong jungler. They absolutely dominated the challenger scene and were essentially gifted a free LCS spot, and when they did get there, they exploded onto the scene. Origen would end the summer split with a record of 12-6. This landed them to the 2nd seed into the playoffs. Origen would make the finals of the EULCS playoffs and be the first team to take games off of Fnatic since the Mid-Season Invitational, however they would fall short by one game, losing to Fnatic in a 3-2 set. This meant that Amazing and his team would have to participate in the European Regional Finals to fight for the third seed for Worlds, and oh, did they fight. Origen took down Nukeduck’s ROCCAT in a close 3-2 set and moved on to 3-0 the Unicorns of Love in a very convincing fashion. Amazing picked Elise all three games, and he dismantled UOL by taking advantage of their poor synergy with their jungler. Amazing had earned his spot in the 2015 World Championship, and he and his team are ready to show just how far they’ve come.


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