90 FPS support in PUBG Moible could be coming for more devices on Sept. 8

It can only be enjoyed on select OnePlus devices right now.

Image via Tencent

OnePlus made a surprising announcement yesterday, revealing that PUBG Mobile will be playable in 90 frames per second (FPS) exclusively on some of the manufacturer’s smartphones. Users of OnePlus’ 8 series, 7T series, and 7 Pro can now log in to the game and become the first to enjoy the game at the higher refresh rate. 

But if you’re disappointed that 90Hz support hasn’t come to your device yet, don’t worry—it’s likely coming next month. The exclusive support on OnePlus devices for 90 FPS will only be until Sept. 7.

Screengrab via OnePlus forums

90Hz isn’t “going anywhere” after this, according to OnePlus community consultant David Monteiro. It will simply stop being exclusive. This likely means that the 90 FPS feature could be unlocked for more devices after Sept. 7.  

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The requirements for running the game at this refresh rate will be high, though. This is evident from the 90Hz support only coming to select OnePlus devices, while others such as the mid-range OnePlus Nord don’t support it. 

Players will likely find out what devices support 90 FPS closer to its potential wider release next month.

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