59-year-old CS:GO streamer proves that anyone can clutch with enough skill

You can never be too old to clutch.

Image via Valve

CS:GO streamer IthemanTurk emulated the best clutch player in the world, Andreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth, earlier today after he won a post-plant clutch on Mirage.

IthemanTurk, who’s been recognized on Twitch for his abilities by former Cloud9 rifler Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert, took matters into his own hands to win his team the round—and then he made sure to let the enemy team know about it.

In round five, which is crucial for the success of the T-side economy, the 59-year-old hid on-site in a post-plant scenario toward the B bombsite on Mirage. To win the round, IthemanTurk had to eliminate both opponents so they couldn’t defuse the bomb. 

IthemanTurk eliminated the first CT after he jumped out of Apartments. But his teammate got traded by an AWPer who was hiding in Kitchen. So IthemanTurk had to take matters into his own hands. He showed no fear and pushed toward the CT. 

IthemanTurk displayed his prowess when he headshot the AWPer while switching positions. After his kill, IthemanTurk made sure to let his opponents know by teabagging him. “Nothing like a little teabag,” he said. 

Immediately, the resemblance to Xyp9x becomes clear. The Danish rifler has made it his trademark to secure victories for Astralis through his clutching ability and his incredible accuracy.

But it looks like the best clutch player in the world may have some competition with IthemanTurk.