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5 of the best fan concepts for Fortnite skins

With 200-plus skins already in the game, here the best that haven't made it yet.

Photo via Epic Games

The Fortnite train is still going at full speed. Developer Epic Games is releasing more and more content to satisfy the game’s millions of players.

Outside of changes to the gameplay itself, nothing gets the fanbase more excited than new skins. Some are simple and sleek while others are flashy and over the top, all of which fit the game to perfection. But despite the huge volume of skins that have already been released for Fortnite, fans are, of course, always wanting more. So they design some themselves.

It is clear that Epic pays attention to these fan suggestions—like giving credit to fans when they make emotes based on suggestions. If Epic plans on incorporating more user ideas soon, this list would be a great place to start: These are the best Fortnite concept skins out there. Some are more plausible than others, but each one would have players clamoring to drop some V-bucks.



This skin would be a little less work for the devs since the John Wick skin is already a pretty similar concept. And who wouldn’t want to play as the 16th President of the United States?

Of course, there would be some things the design team at Epic would need to work around for this to come to fruition, such as how they want to portray him and specific features they can use. But just looking at G from the Street Fighter series makes it seem all the more plausible another creative spin on President Abraham Lincoln can work.

The Two-Time


Players have wanted to play as their favorite streamers for a while now, and the bigger the character the more it fits into an outlandish and cartoony game like Fortnite. Dr. Disrespect is a large personality who plays his character in such a way that it lends itself perfectly for the game’s style.

There are a lot of things that go into getting rights settled for something like this between two parties—just look at the NFL skins as an example—but we can’t imagine something like this isn’t already in the works.



The Mayor of Flavortown would fit right in among the footballers and secret agents already running around the map in Fortnite. Just imagine all of the players that will take pictures near food-related locations on the map and send them to Guy Fieri.

Food Network might have a few things to say about it first, but to play as the Diner Man himself? A commenter on the original post sharing this skin put it best when they said it might be time for some Diners, Drive-Ins, and Revives.

Black Panther

Ever since Thanos hit the scene in the limited event back in the Spring, fans have speculated whether other Marvel heroes could come to Fortnite. Epic staff have shot down speculation since May, but even in a post on the Fortnite Reddit page, they haven’t completely shut the door on potential future deals.

The most popular option seems to be the Black Panther, one of Marvel’s most popular heroes in recent years. Whether the King of Wakanda will ever actually join the fight is up in the air, but this list is about what the fans want most, not what is the most plausible.

The Ninja


People have been talking about a potential skin themed off Ninja since he skyrocketed to popularity alongside the game earlier this year. It honestly feels like this is the skin that will happen before anything else on this list.

It also fits that something involving the personalities that surround the game might happen soon as it approaches its year anniversary of exploding on social media, largely in part to streamers like Ninja. Perhaps in an upcoming season?

Mr. Llama Himself


Please? Epic, please? Why do we not have a skin of what is essentially the game’s mascot yet? This seems like something that should have happened when the llama first became an in-game Fortnite item.

A skin like this fits the exact mold Epic tends to aim for when creating skins too—giving fans something they want in a style that fits the game—which will also open up the potential for a side-by-side release with a Mrs. Llama Herself variant too.

After diving into the fan creation forums to write this, it’s clear that Epic is at least somewhat listening to players and trying to make things that they will like and use their V-Bucks on. Some of these skins are more plausible than others, but each one would have fans clamoring to put them on.