$25K MRCAT Invitational Announced

Get all you need to know on the most recently announced Asian Counter-Strike Invitational.

The MRCAT Invitational will take place on Sept. 16 and willfeature 16 of the best Asian Counter-Strike: GlobalOffensive teams in the region. The tournament will kick offwith a best-of-one round robin group stage, where two teams fromeach group will advance to a best-of-three double eliminationplayoff. Once the stage is set for the final two teams, it will allcome down to a single best-of-five series to determine thewinner.

The winner of this tournament takes home $15,000, while secondwill receive $7,500 and third earns $2,500.  

The groups for this event are as follows:
Group A

  • TheMongolz
  • Signature
  • MineSki
  • Emd

Group B

  • VG.CyberZen
  • EDG
  • B.O.O.T
  • 5POWER

Group C

  • nxl
  • dream{S}cape
  • MiTH
  • Born Of Fire

Group D

  • TyLoo
  • MVP.karnal
  • m0nster
  • New4

Will we see regional dominance from TyLoo and VG? Or willanother Asian team rise to the occasion? Let us know by commenting below or tweetingus @GAMURScom.