2015 NA LCS Summer Playoffs Predictions (Pt1)

Watch out Crumbz i'm coming for your prophet spot.


Team Impulse vs Dignitas


The first quarterfinal match between TIP and Dig could be one of the most one sided matchups in the finals. Dig have done what they seem to do every split, go into it the underdog and perform well in the early weeks, then fall off towards the end of the split. TIP on the other hand, have had a seemingly opposite story. They went 1-1 every week until week 6 where they went on to win 8/9 of their next matches, dropping the only game to the first place Team Liquid. While looking at how these teams have performed over the split it seems easy to decide who will come out on top this game but are things as obvious as they seem?

Player Matchups:


The top lane is looking to be one of the best matchups this playoffs with Impact vs Gamsu. Both top laners can carry their team to victory and this lane will have a huge influence on the games. However Impact is a better rounded player who can carry on tanks like Gnar, Maokai or Shen while Gamsu will need feast of famine champs to carry such as his Jarvan IV or Hecarim, although his Gnar is also very good so I wouldn’t be surprised to see that champion in contention between the two teams. The jungle is the biggest disparity between the two teams, Rush is a carry jungler while Helios is not, especially if you ban his Rek’Sai. I’m feeling Rush will put a lot of pressure on Helios with aggressive play and if Dignitas don’t play around it correctly they could lose games in the first 10 minutes (TIP vs GV anyone?).  The mid lane should be pretty farm heavy with neither Mid laners being carries for their teams, but if Gate struggles under the pressure it could unlock the hinges for problems in TIP.  I would honestly say CoreJJ is a stronger ADC then Apollo but with less threats on his team he’s a lot easier to deal with, Apollo is a very good clean-up ADC who has a very easy time putting down damage while Rush and Impact create so much pressure on the enemy team in fights. Brains vs Brawns is how I would describe Kiwikid vs Adrian, Adrian is a smart player who pretty much keeps vision up for TIP but isn’t the flashiest of players. Kiwi on the other hand can carry games on playmakers such as Annie or Thresh but he can also get caught out a lot if the opposing team wards well, making him seem useless. TIP have the stronger players in nearly all roles and I can’t see Dig winning the laning phase in standard lanes, but clever map movements could disrupt the aggressive play of Impulse.



After looking extensively at the players of both teams, it looks like Team Impulse has too many threats for Dignitas to overcome. I expect Rush to dominate Helios, leading to a 3-0 for Impulse unless Gamsu and CoreJJ manage to carry a game, but with Impact there to stop Gamsu from making one, i doubt this will happen.