You can get free XP in MTG Arena following downtime from yesterday’s update

Score free XP via a temporary code and the Alchemy event.

Image via Lunaurum Art and WotC

Wizards of the Coast is giving MTG Arena players free XP following updating issues with the Feb. 24 patch. 

The Feb. 24 update within MTG Arena caused the digital card game to crash for a short time yesterday and was later resolved. As a reward to players who weren’t able to log in, WotC has created a temporary code to gain 1,000 XP. Players can go to the store within MTG Arena and type in CIRCUITMENDER to cash in on the free XP. The code is only good until March 10.

Limited players who were in the middle of a Draft session during the crash and downtime will get a full refund automatically, according to WotC. Players who did not receive a refund or feel that one is owed should contact MTG Arena’s customer support

With the completion of the MTG Arena Feb. 24 update, players can begin to test out a total of 17 rebalanced cards within the Alchemy and Historic formats. The once detrimental Enchantment Fires of Invention is no longer banned within the Historic format. A nerf was applied to Town-Razer Tyrant,  and Tibalt, Wicked Tormentor got a buff. Players can test out a total of eight Common and Uncommon zombie tribal MTG cards that were buffed in the update as well. 

In addition to the MTG Arena balance changes, WotC is running a free-to-play all-access Alchemy event from Feb. 24 to 26. Rewards from the event include two individual cards at a rarity of Rare and 1,000 XP.