Week 2 of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty highlights sagas, giant mech

Form Voltron.

The final week of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty is underway and after a slow weekend of reveals, spoilers are back with flashy Rares and Mythic Rares.

The day was highlighted by more Rare and Uncommon saga reveals alongside another addition to the set’s legendary land cycle. Neon Dynasty releases digitally on Feb. 10 with a worldwide tabletop release on Feb. 18.

Here are the best cards revealed to kick off the second week of Neon Dynasty spoilers.

Mechtitan Core

Mechtitan Core is one of the coolest cards revealed during Neon Dynasty spoiler season. For what it lacks in high-level competitive viability, it makes up for in excellent flavor and a giant mech.

It’s only natural that a futuristic Japan-themed set would have a giant mech. Instead of printing a large vanilla Creature, Wizards of the Coast brought new meaning to the term “Voltron deck.”

Mechtitan Core is a vehicle with an activated ability that requires the player to exile Mechtitan Core and four other Artifact Creatures or vehicles under their control. If this happens, Mechtitan is created. Mechtitan is a 10/10 Construct with flying, vigilance, trample, lifelink, haste, and is all colors. The token is undeniably powerful.

Navigating this little subgame of getting the activated ability to work would hurt if the opponent could just bounce the token and you’re left with nothing. This is fixed because if the Mechtitan leaves the battlefield, the other Artifacts that were exiled return to the battlefield tapped. This prevents a massive blowout at the hands of the opponent’s one-mana Unsummon.

The Restoration of Elganjo // Architect of Restoration

There’s plenty of utility found in The Restoration of Elganjo. It seems like White is full of three drops and it’s hard to parse out which ones are good and which should be left for the Limited mages. The Restoration of Elganjo projects to be closer to playable.

The first ability is reminiscent of The Birth of Meletis. Ensuring that you keep hitting land drops is important for a deck that wants to get up to four or five mana. The second ability opens up a world of possibilities. It can get any permanent with mana value of two or less from the graveyard to hand; this includes lands. Clerics might want this card as another way to use the graveyard. Historic Enchantment decks could use this as a way to get back a Sythis, Harvest’s Hand.

Architect of Restoration is created with the third chapter. It’s an Enchantment Creature that creates Spirit tokens. It’s a solid blocker that gets better in decks that care about flying Creatures.

Reality Heist

Image via WotC

Reality Heist is basically Dig Through Time but for Artifacts. This card is a strong Uncommon spell that will see play in most Artifact decks in Commander and could make an impact in Standard and Historic.

Reality Heist costs less for each Artifact you control. This means the seven mana cost on the card is misleading. Artifact decks should be able to cast this spell for four or fewer mana consistently.

Hidetsugu Consumes All // Vessel of the All-Consuming

Out of all the cards revealed to start the second week of spoiler season, Hidetsugu Consumes All has an opportunity to see Modern play. The first chapter deals with a lot of great utility pieces in the format like Aether Vial, Amulet of Vigor, and Grafdigger’s Cage.

Continuing the train of hate, the second chapter exiles all graveyards. This is another option for decks looking to stop the format’s graveyard-heavy strategies. The first two chapters hit so many of the format’s staple strategies it could be a strong sideboard card for decks that can run it.

Vessel of the All-Consuming is a fine payoff for the third chapter. It starts off weak at 3/3 but grows each time it deals damage. It does have a win-condition ability, but that might be hard to pull off in 60-card formats. Look out for it in Commander, however.

Generous Visitor

Image via WotC

Uncommon’s are good in Magic nowadays. Lower-rarity cards tie decks together and act as a bridge between the list’s enablers and finishers. Generous Visitor looks like an excellent one-drop for Enchantment decks across Magic and is worth a try in most Mono-Green Aggro lists.

This 1/1 has the ability to dish out +1/+1 counters when an Enchantment is cast. Dedicated Enchantment lists will quickly be buffing multiple Creatures per turn. There is potential for Standard application, too.

Generous Visitor as a turn-one play looks decent for Mono-Green Aggro because of Ranger Class. This card into Ranger Class represents four power on the battlefield on turn two.